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L&E Research Orlando

Orlando, FL

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Company Description

In-person, online, anywhere – L&E Research is the qualitative research partner you’ve been looking for, with over 96% of our clients highly recommending our work. Our Orlando facility is only 30 minutes from the Orlando International Airport (MCO).  This facility boasts a 250 square foot Pelican multi-purpose conference room, complete with a fully-stocked kitchen and two, 150 square foot attached office rooms, ideal for consumer directs, team meetings or ideation sessions.  Each room has modular tables for custom configuration, well-appointed client lounges and comfortable viewing rooms, and the leading HD video conferencing, web streaming and digital recording technologies.

We focus on research design and execution, and our partner consultants’ focus on being product, market and industry experts. Together, we provide a complete suite of solutions, without the costly expense and misguided belief that one company can provide all expertise under one roof.

L&E Research has assembled consultants who have dedicated their careers to knowing your industry. In fact, many of them have held positions at Fortune 500 companies just like you. We’ve done the hard part for you…finding the right consultant. It’s a complimentary service when you select us to be your research partner.

As anyone who has ever visited an attorney or financial advisor knows, not having a clear understanding of what you want to learn can be a costly lesson. Talking to your customers is no different. There’s a limited amount of time and only so much information you can gather. You need to be as efficient as possible in what you ask and how you ask it.

That’s why every client begins the process at L&E with a complimentary meeting with one of our research design engineers (RDEs) to understand the goals of your research and advise how best to design it.

Our RDEs are here, at no cost to you, to work with you, to listen to your business issues, develop a research strategy from start to finish to best address those issues and advise you on the best tools and techniques to achieve your goals quickly and cost effectively.

Just as great meals are made by highly trained chefs using high quality ingredients, having great conversations with your customers (otherwise known as qualitative research) is a combination of perfect participants, led by seasoned research professionals. This is how L&E Research earned its excellent reputation since it opened in 1984.

Once you have consulted at no cost with one of our RDEs to develop the right research strategy, L&E Research then brings in the most highly educated, highly trained team in the industry to manage the data collection process and speak to your customers. We contract with training companies, qualitative research consultants (QRCs) and programs led by our RDEs to create the best training program in the industry, ensuring our PM team is the most knowledgeable in the industry.

After working with you to design the best research design possible, our RDEs bring in one of our project managers (PMs) to execute the plan. Aided by our proprietary technology platform, facility manager plus (FMP), the first project management and panel management technology built specifically for qualitative research, our PMs oversee the engagement of finding the perfect consumers for your needs. And if there are any tools or technologies being used to execute your research, your PM involves our support teams and oversees our technology partners to ensure a seamless experience.

In addition to our highly trained RDE and PM team, and our proprietary FMP technology, L&E Research employs the most sophisticated recruitment process to ensure your study participants are the perfect “consultants” for your project.

Market research is changing rapidly. As with so many industries, technology is altering the landscape of how we work. It’s no different in the insights business. Automation and artificial intelligence are combining to create a powerful force where speaking to your customer can happen better and faster.

The challenge is merging the technology with the services that are market research. L&E Research’s approach is the same as with our consultant network. If we can’t deliver the best technology solution, we partner with the leading firms in their technology space and join their solutions with our technology platforms to create a marketplace of solutions, a one-stop-shopping resource. Just like our consultant network, there’s no additional cost to you.

Our rates are negotiated with our partners to ensure you get the best solution at the best rate.

We built the best technology platforms for project management, recruiting and video streaming, and we partnered with the best companies for other research solutions. The result? The best solutions for your business needs, all in one place.

Year Established:   1984

Number of Employees:   275

Research Services and Specializations

365 Wekiva Springs Road, Suite 201
Longwood, FL 32779
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Heidi Garinger, Director of Client Solutions
  • 407-774-6165
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