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Line of Sight Group informs and supports organizational strategic decisions through expert industry analysis and competitive intelligence that helps business leaders uncover market opportunities that align with their strategic goals and internal capabilities. 

In today’s marketplace it’s not enough to simply reflect on performance. To thrive, organizations need to flawlessly execute smart, strategic plans based on hard data within the context of increasingly dynamic and competitively intense external environments. Whether strategic imperatives exist at the corporate, functional or even specific execution levels, business leaders need to confidently make the strategic moves that provide unique and better value to their customers than the competition. In order to connect deeply with customers, expand the customer base and create innovative new products, they need to deeply understand the market landscape, peek around corners, anticipate shifts and focus on what’s most important.

We are people, not a set of services and processes. Each time the Line of Sight Group team engages with you, we customize the solution to best meet the business challenge you set in front of us.

We provide the strategic analysis bench strength to your marketing, product, sales and executive teams – without layers or complexity. 


The essence of business strategy is doing more of the things that bring value to customers and doing less of the things that don’t. But how can you be sure what those things are? Moreover, customers perceive value relative to your competition. Who’s got the answer?

Questions you might have:

  • Where do customers feel we deliver the most value? The least?
  • How does our value proposition stack up to the competition? Where are we truly unique?
  • Where can we allocate resources to focus on the most profitable customers, product features and business activities?
  • How is our customer’s business changing/evolving and what will their future needs look like?


Sustainable, innovative growth comes to organizations that work hard to understand their customers and connect deeply. This leads to effective retention, serving existing customers in new ways and acquiring new buyers for your products. With smart insights, you can outperform the competition with better products and better ways for customers to experience them. 

For example, do you know:

  • How do your products and sales process stack up against competition and what opportunities exist to be different or better?
  • How is your customer’s business changing and evolving?
  • What is your customer and prospect’s buying criteria and process?
  • How well does your value proposition resonate in the market? How well does it align with your customer’s needs/problems? How is it unique and better than the competition?
  • How does your brand and image deliver on your value promise?


Once established, your business can take an active or passive role in understanding external impacts. We believe you’re more effective when your business adopts a forward-looking stance – proactive, anticipatory and evolutionary.

Questions we might ask:

  • What are the assets we need to protect? Customers, markets, core processes, features/benefits, etc.
  • Have we incorporated assumptions into our business strategy that have inherent risk?
  • How are customers’ needs/problems evolving?
  • What market threats exist? How real are they? Should we respond?
  • What scenarios are likely? How can we plan for them?

Also, through understanding these real needs and problems, you can move out of the trenches and outsmart the competition by recognizing opportunities for new products and markets that can be offered. Faster.

We can help you determine:

  • How big is the opportunity? Can you play?
  • How do you go about fulfilling customer needs – buy, build, partner?
  • What product features/benefits are critical now or coming at you soon?
  • Where should you invest – technology, product development, human resources?
  • When is the right time?

Facing a business challenge? Ready for some Integrated Strategic Analysis? We’d love to dig in and help.

Year Established:   2002

Number of Employees:   10

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Steve Schulz, President
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