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Company Description

M/A/R/C® Research is an insights and strategies consulting firm that enables clients to make informed decisions and move their business forward. We deliver agile solutions to create, evaluate and strengthen brands in a rapidly changing world. At the forefront of innovative research, we turn data into narratives providing strategic focus to our partners worldwide.

Innovative, agile solutions 

M/A/R/C provides innovative, agile solutions through our standardized accelerated offerings around core insights at a practical value and a full range of curated offerings with in-depth consultation. Our service spans the full product lifecycle: product development and optimization, advertising/promotion/messaging, shopper/retailer insights, market landscape, brand health and customer loyalty.

Proven analytics

M/A/R/C is proud to be a company known for our strong analytical acumen, rooted in sophisticated approaches, trusted methods and validated metrics proven to relate to actual in-market outcomes. And, we deliver more than just numbers. We turn results into forward-looking, impactful insights and smart, successful strategies. The foundation of our predictive modeling is the ASSESSOR® forecasting system, developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and enhanced at M/A/R/C.

Expert consultation

M/A/R/C's dedicated client-service model is centered on delivering the best. Leveraging a highly skilled, business-minded team of tenured marketing insights professionals, we are thoughtful and engaged consultants for our valued partners. Collaboration is one of our key pillars. We aim to work efficiently and effectively with clients, partners and team members to achieve desired outcomes.

Powerful data collection

Online Survey Solution, a division of M/A/R/C, enables us to add powerful data collection to our offerings. Our extensive experience in sampling and data collection includes all modes: online, mobile, phone, field, in-person and mixed.

Industry proponents

We are proponents for the industry, providing thought leadership on industry trends, mentorship in the development of the next generation of insights professionals and facilitation of career placement/advancement within the insights community.

Year Established:   1965

Number of Employees:   70

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1425 Greenway Drive, Suite.300
Irving, TX 75038
United States
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Alice Butler, Sr. Vice President
Randy Wahl, President
  • 800-884-6272
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AMA (United States) | Insights Association (United States) | Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) (United States)