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Morning Light Strategy

Chicago, IL

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Key Categories
Seniors/Mature Marketing Research-Full Service Strategy Research Woman-Owned Generation Baby Boomers

Company Description

The future is old.  And the future is here.  Accelerate your growth in the 55+ market.

Morning Light Strategy applies expertise in human understanding to help consumer brands, NGOs, governments, AgeTech innovators and senior living organizations develop better strategies, innovations and communications for the senior (55+) demographic.

What we Do & How We Do It

We help organizations develop better products, services, and marketing by more deeply understanding the needs, wants and opinions of older adults and caregivers.  We employ a range of bespoke primary qualitative and quantitative research methods using an agile approach to generate richer, more powerful recommendations to move your business forward.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Experts on the aging population: We focus specifically on the aging population and engage a panel of relevant experts on all of our engagements – so you get tailored guidance and actionable recommendations grounded in key success principles, developed in consultation with thought leaders in the longevity space
  • Strategic Business Impact: Senior-level consultative support from consumer research and strategy leaders – so you get richer, more powerful business recommendations through an agile, holistic approach to insight generation
  • Flexible and Comprehensive: 
  • Total ecosystem engagement considers all of those who influence older adults' decisions, such as caregivers and adult children
  • One team to partner with you across your learning needs, from syndicated market reports to foundational learning to innovation and communication development

Our primary research services

1) Strategic Insight: Discover new growth opportunities & build foundational learning among the 55+ population and caregivers:

  • Category Landscape: Identify white space, unmet needs and assess competitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Audience Insight: Uncover insight into the who, what, where, why and how of the 55+ consumer in relation to your brand or category
  • Brand Positioning/Brand Stretch: see your brand from the 55+ consumers’ perspective and develop new innovation and equity pathways
  • Decision/Shopper Journey: Understand your market, your consumers, residents or patients and their decision/shopping journeys
  • Segmentation: Hone in on the right people, needs or occasions that fit your brand/products

2) Innovation & Marketing Guidance: Develop and optimize new products, services and communications for aging consumers and caregivers:

  • Concept Development: Build, assess, refine and optimize your idea or concept
  • Communication/Messaging Development: Build, assess, refine and optimize your advertising/communications
  • Package Testing: Ensure your package communicates clearly and is user-friendly
  • Product Optimization: Identify ways in which your product or service could better meet users’ needs
  • User Testing: Place your initiative with your target to ensure it performs exactly as expected
  • Tracking: Monitor performance of your product or brand in market

3) Intelligence Reports: Syndicated category and human intelligence reports that illuminate the needs of the aging population and your opportunities:

  • The 55+ Consumer: Attitudes, needs, emotions, behaviors and lifestyles
  • 55+ Consumers at Home: Deeper views into daily lives
  • Category Spotlight: Trends, gaps and opportunities by sector

Year Established:   2023

Number of Employees:   2

Research Services and Specializations

Industries, Markets and Audiences Served

1733 Park St., Suite 100
Naperville, IL 60563
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Dana Keilman, CEO/Co-Founder
  • 630-640-0748
  • 773-386-0298
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