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Ottawa, ON, CA

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Advertising Research Consumer Research Focus Group-Online DIY Research Qualitative-Online

Company Description

Recollective is the ultimate qualitative research platform with a simple mission: to help global brands and agencies bring the research they imagine, at any scale or duration, to life faster than ever. The broadly featured and robust platform covers it all, from long-term communities to asynchronous and live qualitative activities and AI-powered analysis. With Recollective, researchers can conduct their research, their way. Recollective is used by thousands of market research agencies and brands worldwide and is offered in over 26 languages.

Platform Capabilities
The leading qualitative research platform for more than a decade, Recollective's full featured suite of asynchronous and live video tools make the most innovative online research not only possible, but enjoyable.

Asynchronous and Live: Activity-based Research, Question Types, Discussions, Video IDIs and Digital Focus Groups

Reporting and Analysis: Reports and Transcripts and AI-powered Insights

Research Methods
Researchers choose Recollective because our robust and flexible platform lets them do their research, their way. The variety of research methods the Recollective platform helps bring to life lets you research without compromise.

Exploration and Discovery, Customer Journeys, Evaluation and Testing, Digital Diaries, Ideation and Co-Creation, In-the-Moment, User Experience and Long-term Communities

Recollective Connect
Your Connected Community. Say goodbye to costly participant churn and research delays. Combining basic participant management, engagement and connection to various research tools, you can engage participants and connect qual, quant and any other research tools in a single solution for a seamless experience.

Recollective AI
From planning and implementation to moderation and analysis, Recollective's vision for AI is to seamlessly integrate with every facet of the research process to deliver unprecedented efficiency and precision.

Year Established:   2011

Number of Employees:   100+

Research Services and Specializations

300 Queen St., Suite 300
Ottawa, ON K1P 1J9
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Affiliations & Certifications
ESOMAR (International) | Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) (United States) | University of Georgia | MRII