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New York City, NY

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Company Description

SightX is an A.I. powered end-to-end research technology platform that enables teams to learn at the speed of their customers. With SightX it’s easy keep up with consumer trends and preferences and gather feedback at every stage of the customer journey. With a full suite of methodologies, it’s never been easier to identify unmet needs, discover new market trends, and track changing behaviors with a single platform. Engage with your target audience to screen product ideas, test ads, track brand awareness, evaluate whitespace, optimize pricing, and much more. Coupled with the industry’s first generative A.I. research assistant, Ada, you can create custom goal-oriented studies instantly with a prompt, analyze the results, and provide key insights in seconds.

Generative AI

In 2023 SightX released the research industry’s first generative A.I. research assistant, Ada. Ada works alongside you, shares knowledge, builds projects with just a prompt, analyzes data, and provides everything from executive summaries to blog posts and ad campaigns. SightX is committed to continuing to lead innovation in this space with more A.I. features and capabilities constantly being developed to drive more value, faster for all research use cases. If your organization has a wait and see approach when it comes to generative A.I., that’s fine as well. Ada can easily be turned off and you’ll still have access to the most powerful and flexible platform in the industry.

Survey Capabilities and Use Cases

From quick turn and agile to large and complex, SightX survey capabilities can meet any type of complexity and use case. You no longer must pay for different tools for different use cases. SightX streamlines your research process and budget.


Find the target market just right for your research from one integrated suite for rapid results. Organize fielding with sample and quota management including custom or sharable links. SightX also adds additional proprietary quality checks. Now you don’t need to sign up for yet another vendor just to have your data quality checked!

Analysis and Reporting

Not only is SightX the most powerful and flexible end-to-end platform for analysis and reporting, but it is also one of the most user friendly. Any team can now lead with data-driven decisions helping to get to market faster and with more confidence. Analysis and reporting for any project or methodology are automated and accessible. Now with the help of Ada, the speed and depth of insights available to any user are unmatched. 

Year Established:   2018

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