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Company Description

SyncScript is the leading market research support services firm,offering curated services for conducting and analyzing research. We are your go-to service for nationwide qualitative recruitment of consumers, B2B and patients, as well as transcription, translations and analysis support to help get from transcript to final report. Our strength lies in our people: Research professionals helping other research professionals. We are a true partner for your research, providing off the shelve solutions, as well as curated solutions to best fit your research needs.

Transcription services: Word and Excel transcription services in verbatim, summary or notes formats. Our internal QA team and quick turnaround make us the ideal service for client-ready transcripts. A true white-glove project management experience all around; our goal is to make your job easier! Your dedicated PM handles can download/upload files and transcripts to your preference, following the project schedule. From the moment you contact us, we begin building out a library of your unique preferences and specific project needs. We’ll know just what you want, every single time! 

  • Standard Word transcripts: A verbatim Word transcript. The moderator is bolded, respondents are unbolded and a space is skipped between speakers. Additional services, including speaker ID and timestamps, can be included on request.
  • SyncExcel: Is there an accelerated way to review your transcripts? There really is!  Audio files are transcribed into Excel offering an easy way to view data in one spreadsheet. Matrix grids created from discussion guides fosters quicker analysis offering sleek, catalogued insights. This is graduate level transcription. Excel Transcription is a great analysis tool, providing an easy way to see all data in one spreadsheet. This format has become a favorite for researchers, as it cuts down on analysis time.
  • Translations: From Tagalog and EU-5 languages and everything between, we are the one source for all your translation needs. Our expert linguists provide the highest quality in both the printed word and the spoken word.
  • SyncSupport bridges the gap between transcript and final report, providing curated back-office administration, project management and analysis when it’s needed most, and customized for YOU. Analysis grids, pulling quotes to support themes, keyword highlighting, positive/negative mentions and more! SyncSupport is an on-demand team of analysis and administrative support curated to fit your needs.
  • Topline updates: Need insights in real time? We’ve created a summary report, customized and curated to your research. Toplines include identification and highlight of specific themes, verbatim quote complements, number of keyword mentions and high level points. 
  • Pulling quotes: Already begun your detail laden report? We can help by isolating verbatim quotes organized by theme, objective or goal. Presented in a simple guide, simplicity at its finest. 
  • Proofreading: Not sure if a semicolon or comma is required? Our quality assurance team does. From delivering top-notch transcription and translation, our team would love to review your deliverable to ensure an error free product.  
  • Link testing: Love spending time testing quantitative links? We do! Our team of link lovers take the pain out of this administrative task. 
  • Opinions by Sync: Qualitative nationwide recruitment for consumers, health care professionals and B2B respondents across a variety of methodologies. We curate our approach to get the results you need for each specific study. Combining old-school recruitment with new technology for a boots-on-the-ground approach to recruiting, we use our database, networking, social outreach, research and more to ensure that you’re getting qualified, quality respondents.

Year Established:   2016

Number of Employees:   8

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613 McKean Road
Ambler, PA 19002
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Meghan Surdenas, CMO & Partner
  • 610-340-1165
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Affiliations & Certifications
Insights Association (United States) | Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) (United States) | Woman Owned Business Enterprise Certification (WBE)