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Company Description

Our goal is to help you win more business and retain more customers.

Voice of Customer Research (VOC Research) specializes in professional, pre-scheduled and unbiased conversations with key decision-makers at your customers, prospects and intermediaries to gather their opinions, sentiments and voice of customer feedback regarding your company’s and your key competitors' products and services.

Our Services

Win Loss Interviews and Analysis

We interview key decision makers at the organizations where you recently won or lost new business to determine the factors that led to each decision. We then analyze the interviews to identify trends and actionable intelligence to help you win more business.

Customer Satisfaction and Retention Interviews and Analysis

We interview your customers to gather their unbiased satisfaction, retention and renewal sentiments, allowing you to identify and react to any comments, issues or enhancement ideas in a timely manner.

Lost Customer (Churn) Interviews and Analysis

We interview your former customers to determine the unbiased reasons they decided to go to another company. We then help you learn what it may take to win back their business in the future. Most importantly, we help you understand how to prevent other customers from leaving for similar reasons.

Implementation Interviews and Analysis 

We interview your customers during and after the implementation process to help you monitor the progress and success factors of the project.

Employee Satisfaction Interviews

We interview your employees to gain their confidential insights on topics of your selection such as the impact of a recent merger, corporate restructuring or company morale in general.

Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence Interviews

We interview your shared targets to help with your M&A due diligence process.

Competitor Battle Cards 

We gather intelligence from primary and secondary sources to prepare an actionable report on your toughest competitors to help you better prepare for future competitive opportunities.


Do you have other market research needs that we can satisfy for your company? Contact us today to see how VOC Research can help you.

Our Deliverables 

Interview Snapshot Reports

An individual summary of each completed interview that includes an Executive Summary, complete responses for all questions, and our Analyst Summary.

Presentations and Consulting

Summary presentations are available either on-site or via Webcast.

Program Summary Report

A summary of a group of completed interviews showing themes, gaps, trends and recommendations for action.

Data Export

A report that includes demographic information and all qualitative and quantitative interview responses for your program.

Why VOC Research?

At VOC Research, we provide our customers with a high value and return on investment by utilizing our professional approach and personal touch in every program.

Professional Approach

VOC Research represents your company in a professional manner before, during and after each interview program. We professionally and politely pre-schedule our interviews to allow the interviewees to block off their schedules and focus their thoughts on the interview process to their fullest.

We listen closely to the voice of your customers, prospects and employees to apply their comments to the remaining interview questions to foster a conversational approach. This results in an interview with all of the required quantitative information along with substantial qualitative open-ended commentary from your customers, prospects and employees.

We respect your customers and their time by treating them in a professional and courteous manner. We are representing your company (and VOC Research), so we strive to make the experience a positive one for everyone.

Personal Touch

We conduct your interviews in an engaging, conversational manner so your customers, prospects or employees are at ease and engaged during the interview.

We send a personalized thank you note to each interviewee on behalf of your company and VOC Research to thank them for their participation, opinions and valued feedback.

Our turn-around-time for delivering each completed Interview Snapshot is timely and accurate so you can quickly react to and/or respond to the comments in each interview internally and/or with your customers and prospects.

Value and ROI

We provide a suite of valuable services for a fair price. The ROI for our services is typically a small fraction of the revenue we can help you generate for your company.

We know how to extract actionable intelligence and provide recommendations from the completed interviews to help you use the information to win more business and retain more customers. We believe actionable intelligence is the best intelligence.

Year Established:   2008

Number of Employees:   1-10

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11124 Kingston Pike, Suite 119-352
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Bill Storey, President and Sr. Consultant
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Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) (United States)