Non-conscious research is a valuable way for researchers to gain a deep understanding of consumers’ behaviors and thoughts. If you’re looking for targeted, in-depth insights from consumers, this type of research may be beneficial to you. 

Non-conscious research providers can offer many different but effective ways to find out what consumers are truly thinking and feeling. Whether you are seeking insights for your product or service, in search of an inside look at consumer behavior or developing strategies to grow your business, these companies can provide all of the necessary channels to gain in-depth feedback using cutting-edge methods and technologies like eye-tracking, neuroscience, virtual reality and more. Whatever methods are used, these companies can help you go beyond what consumers say and gain detailed feedback on true consumer sentiment. To find out how non-conscious research can benefit your research project, consider these companies.

Beall Research

Founded 2003 | 12 employees

Anne E. Beall, Ph.D., CEO

Beall Research is a strategic market research firm in Chicago that conducts qualitative and quantitative research for major consulting firms and Fortune 500 companies. Their work is used to make major business decisions such as investing in companies, launching new products/services and creating persuasive communications. What differentiates them is their psychologically-inspired frameworks that identify the underlying drivers of behavior, such as emotions. They collect and analyze emotional experience and expression through self-reported measures, facial expressions and body language. They currently have a model that accurately predicts which emotions lead to purchasing, recommendations and brand loyalty. And these insights are leveraged in all of their work.

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BIOPAC Systems Inc.

Founded 1985 | 60 employees

Frazer Findlay, CEO

Measure consumer emotion with innovative solutions from BIOPAC. BIOPAC provides the hardware and software tools market researchers, neuromarketing researchers and consumer neuroscientists use when collecting and analyzing non-conscious data. To better understand decision-making, marketers and researchers are embracing neuroscience techniques such as eye-tracking, facial coding, stimulus presentation, virtual reality systems, synchronized subject video, fNIR optical brain imaging and biometrics including EEG, EDA, ECG and more. Study types: behavior, consumer emotion, consumer neuroscience, neuroeconomics, human experience, neuromarketing, product design, packaging and pricing, advertising, store design. Fully integrated wired or wireless data collection and analysis systems are available. Ninety-nine percent of the world’s Top 100 universities use BIOPAC Systems for scientific discovery. Fortune 500 companies use BIOPAC Systems for neuromarketing and consumer neuroscience insights. 

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Founded 1989 | 25 employees

Chet Zalesky, CEO 

As a full-service insights and research consulting firm focused in behavioral sciences, CMI provides valuable information based on the evolved principles of non-conscious research. We enable organizations to identify and understand the non-conscious habits driving customer choice to build effective marketing and messaging strategies that disrupt existing habits and influence brand choice. Clients trust our tried-and-true strategies as we convert complicated business questions into actionable answers using proprietary non-conscious research methodologies such as yChoose™, yPrescribe™ and yQuote™. Our solutions help organizations develop a differentiated brand strategy by understanding how customers make decisions, why they make those decisions and what we can do to influence future behavior.  

Phone 678-805-4001

Emotive Analytics

Founded 2004 | 4 employees-associates

Paul Conner, Founder and CEO

Emotive Analytics is a consumer research company that assesses the emotional dynamics of consumer behavior, including those that are “implicit” or “System 1” – i.e., automatic, uncontrollable and often non-conscious. Founded in 2004 by Paul Conner (a 35+-year research veteran), we use a myriad of approaches, all founded in behavioral science. Qualitatively, we adapt from clinical psychology. Quantitatively, we adapt from social/cognitive psychology and neuroscience. We specialize in implicit measurement with our IE Pro Technology. This includes IE PRO YOU®, our online platform for conducting implicit association studies. Our studies support many business applications including branding, advertising, product development and sensory testing.

Phone 314-752-0564


Founded 2012 | 82 employees

Olivier Tilleuil, CEO

EyeSee is one of the most innovative behavioral insights companies in the world. We combine conventional with remote behavioral methods such as online eye-tracking, facial coding, virtual shopping, etc., to unlock next-level insights for shopper marketing, advertising, e-commerce and innovation. Respondents use their own devices and Webcams, saving time, costs and enabling testing on a global scale. Our teams are based in New York, Ghent, Paris and Belgrade and conduct studies in more than 40 countries. We work with global brands in a myriad of industries, such as Johnson & Johnson, Twitter, Microsoft, Viacom, Nestlé and many others.

Phone 646-547-1449

Forte Research Group

Founded 2010 | 35 employees
Elizabeth Plotkin, VP Insights

Forte Research Group is a full-service insights and strategy consultancy that combines expertly crafted questioning with neuroscientific and psychological data to uncover the complete story. Eye-tracking provides the exact elements viewed, while biometrics and facial coding uncover that which consumers often do not articulate. These visceral insights provide deeper understanding of consumer behavior. In-store, at home or in a research lab, capabilities encompass: message/creative development, advertising effectiveness, QSR/shopper experience, benchmarking/tracking, customer satisfaction and package testing. Comprised of an experienced staff, Forte Research Group provides research solutions throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Phone 917-470-9703

HCD Research®

Founded 1991 | 20 employees

Glenn Kessler, CEO

HCD Research® is a marketing and consumer sciences company that provides expert recommendations by employing traditional and applied consumer neuroscience to optimize the design of market research projects for our clients. We are “methodologically agnostic” and approach each client inquiry as a unique challenge. Our customized solutions employ the most appropriate research tools based on your specific objectives. These tools can include traditional research, psychophysiological measures, psychological testing or a synergistic combination of these methods. With no technology bias, we can optimize the designs of research projects by only using the most appropriate tools based on your needs.

Phone 908-788-9393

Informed Decisions Group Inc.

Founded 2004 | 13 employees

Colin Valdiserri, CEO

Informed Decisions Group Inc. is a full-service behavioral insights firm specializing in shopper insights, visual sciences and virtual solutions. IDG leverages mobile eye-tracking while combining visual insights with behavioral and biometric data. Our methods have innovated shelf testing, package and menu board optimization for 15 years. Our life-sized touch-interactive 3-D virtual aisle captures basket and behavioral data while being portable to anywhere in the world. This enables IDG to leverage our solutions in any location and affords our clients the ability to measure visual and emotional behavior in any market or scenario. IDG measures real-world behavior for real-world insights.

Phone 440-454-0399

Interactive Video Productions (IVP)

Founded 1996 | 5 full-time, many contract employees across the globe

Bob Granito, President

Interactive Video Productions (IVP) offers accessible, smartly-packaged labs for researchers wanting to adopt innovative solutions with ease and confidence. Our portable MobiLAB research labs include usability, eye-tracking, neuroscience and biometrics technologies, accompanied by a full-time, experienced and client-friendly system operator who works with you to deliver key research data captured and presented clearly and professionally for your client. In facility, online or in the field, whether you wish to precisely measure Web or product usability or whether you wish to go beyond conscious self-report to include emotional measures, our labs are designed to help you to meet the growing challenges of testing products and collecting actionable data in an ever more complex, consumer-driven world.

Phone 732-970-9446

MMR Research Associates

Founded 1999 | 33 employees
Bruce Olson and Bill Denk, Managing Partners

MMR Research Associates is a passionate team of forward-thinking experts who provide high-touch, customized, outcome-focused marketing research based on strong partnerships. Our clients rely on us to design and execute versatile, tailored solutions that shape business direction and inspire confidence. We pride ourselves on adopting innovative research tools which deliver real business impact in our client engagements. We can now go further than ever to help client companies understand how people’s mental models and decision environments work together to drive their behaviors and more importantly, how to influence those behaviors via behaviorally designed marketing communication and innovation.

Phone 770-650-5005

MSW Research

Founded 1968 | 200+ employees

Art Klein, Partner, Co-President

Impacting business performance for over 50 years. Our research solutions are designed to evaluate and optimize campaigns comprising any combination of touchpoints and we work from strategy development to all stages of creative development to in-market tracking. Our behaviorally-based products are proven through independent audits to help marketers meet and exceed their business objectives. MSW Research has developed empirical evidence of how communications work that can accurately connect short-term sales and long-term brand development to the performance of the individual and collective touchpoints in the customer journey. Our process is embodied in a suite of products that guides our clients and covers consumer, brand, advertising and tracking. We do this with a full array of world-class solutions including proprietary survey techniques, facial coding, eye-tracking, neuro measurement and media planning and forecasting.

Phone 516-394-6000

xsperient | Segmedica

Founded 2004 | 24 employees

Peter Simpson, Principal

xsperient | Segmedica delivers full-service global health, wellness and lifestyle custom market research using advanced techniques in qualitative, quantitative and ethnography studies with HCPs, payers and patients/consumers. As the field leader in psychology, anthropology, sociology, neuroscience and linguistics, working with us achieves the highest quality market research and market segmentation. We include behavioral economics in our analysis, an essential part of the complete picture. Our comprehensive approach provides the all-around insight and direction you need. Contact us for an online or in-person demo of how we can assist with your research needs. 

Phone 716-799-8223

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