Telephone interviewing offers companies a wide range of respondents. Since most people always have their phones with them, telephone recruiting can result in high response rates. Companies that specialize in this method are prepared with the necessary tools and tech to reach your desired audience.

The following companies are ready to assist with any telephone interviewing needs. Whether you need a CATI call station operating 24/7 or need to reach niche audiences in a wide range of languages, these companies can offer you the reliable services you require. 

Evolving Insights logo.

Evolving Insights

Founded 2020 | 10 employees

Founder and CEO, Jessica Dogali

Evolving Insights Founder and CEO Jessica Dogali.Evolving Insights is your premier partner for nationwide market research recruitment, excelling in both qualitative and quantitative projects. Our project management sets the industry standard, characterized by meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled responsiveness. We offer comprehensive telephone interviewing services, leveraging our expertise to conduct insightful conversations with participants. Additionally, our numerous in-house CATI stations help streamline data collection, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. With a commitment to excellence ingrained in every aspect of our services, Evolving Insights delivers actionable insights that empower informed decision-making, making us the go-to choice for organizations seeking unparalleled research solutions.

Phone 1-551-815-5626

Fieldwork logo.


Founded by moderators 1980 | 400 employees

Steve Raebel, President

Fieldwork office space.Let us support you! We know what you need. Our specialties feature consumer (including global) research, medical, physicians and patients, B2B, mock jury, CX/UX, taste tests and sensory research. For over 40 years, Fieldwork has recruited the highest-quality consumer, medical and business respondents both through and far beyond databases, using proven methods to reach your audience. We believe in a customized approach to recruitment. Fieldwork provides unsurpassed project management and our commitment to hospitality and solutions-driven partnership is at the core of everything we do. When you choose Fieldwork, customer service will seamlessly blend into the background while we handle the details and create the perfect environment for your next research project. Focus on the research. We’ll do the rest!

Phone 1-800-863-4353

High Beam Global Driven by Curiosity logo.

High Beam Global (HBG)

Founded 2010 | 150 employees

Rajat Sahni, Founder

Rajat Sahni is the founder of High Beam Global.With more than 14 years of delivering quality research, High Beam Global (HBG) is one of the top-rated market research and data collection firms, globally. HBG’s unparalleled research experience and domain knowledge adds an authentic layer of competitive advantage. Our clients call us as their “trusted global partner in success.” HBG stands out for its unmatched expertise in audience sourcing, leveraging an extensive proprietary database of more than 10 million business decision makers across industry domains and job functions. With in-house capability to utilize multimode research solutions, HBG becomes a top choice for researchers and advisors, globally. Our team of 150 highly experienced and skilled researchers, interviewers/moderators and project managers ensures that each project is delivered within timelines and with utmost quality. We don’t just help our clients acquire insights, we strive to add value at each level of our collaboration.


IHR Research Group Quality Marketing Research logo.

I/H/R Research Group LLC

Founded 1976

Steve Clark, CEO

Steve Clark is the CEO of IHR Research.I/H/R Research Group specializes in providing the highest-quality marketing research data collection using both traditional and online methodologies. Our experienced CATI team delivers representative best-in-class data across a variety of categories including consumer surveys, political polling, CSAT, NPS, B2B, health care, multilingual, qualitative recruiting, executive interviewing, as well as multimodal studies. Our state-of-the-art Las Vegas call center is fully TCPA-compliant and offers digital call monitoring/recording to ensure quality. We offer full programming capabilities and accept survey links from any platform. We are experts in conducting low-incidence studies using RDD, ABS and superior targeted sampling methodologies, and adhere to traditional AAPOR/government-based data collection standards. Together with our sister company, Scientific Telephone Samples, we are one of the only CATI vendors with a full-service sampling company under the same management. Our seasoned team, high-quality standards, affordable CPI for both landline and wireless interviews and decades of sampling expertise distinguish us from the rest.  

Corporate office/sales 1-888-761-8985;
Call center 1-702-734-0757

ISG logo.

Information Specialists Group

Founded 1993 | 12 management employees

Bob McGarry Jr., CEO

Bob McGarry is the CRO of Information Specialists Group.Information Specialists Group offers a complete range of research services, from consultation and customized study design to data collection, analysis and reporting – for virtually any type or size of quantitative or qualitative study. Our in-house data collection capabilities include phone recruiting, phone surveying, phone recruit-to-web surveys, online programming and hosting, as well as live intercept interviewing. Well-known for more than 25 years of experience reaching the hardest-to-find and hardest-to-engage B2B and B2C audiences, some industries we routinely serve include agriculture, financial services, health care, industrial manufacturing, legal and medical technology. Clients appreciate exceptional service and our turnkey ability to support critical decision-making with actionable intelligence. 

Phone 1-800-279-5314 or 1-952-941-1600

Insights Opinion logo.

Insights Opinion

Founded 2015 | 100 employees

Sharoz Ghauri, CEO

Sharon Ghauri is the CEO of Insights Opinion. Insights Opinion stands as a globally recognized leader in the field of data collection services, specializing in CATI and online panel services. Our cutting-edge CATI center boasts an impressive array of over 150 stations, equipped with state-of-the-art features including call recording, live bargaining and a comprehensive quality-auditing system. This allows us to offer extensive multilingual support to cater to a diverse range of project needs. With a wealth of experience spanning consumer, B2B and health care sectors, we pride ourselves on delivering meticulously tailored solutions to meet the unique demands of each industry. Additionally, as an ISO 20252- and 27001-certified company, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality, ensuring unparalleled data integrity and confidentiality. Moreover, our commitment to compliance extends to strict adherence to telecalling privacy laws, providing our clients with added assurance of the protection of their sensitive information. 

Phone U.S. 1-646-475-7865; U.K. +44 20 3239 5786; India +91 120 498 7860

Ironwood Insights Group logo.

Ironwood Insights Group LLC

Founded 2017 | 300 employees

Brian Cash, VP Research Services

Ironwood Insights VP of Research Services Brian Cash.Ironwood Insights Group is a recognized industry leader in quantitative telephone research. With three domestic call centers, an offshore call center and an extensive remote interviewing staff, Ironwood boasts one of the largest-capacity telephone data collection operations in the industry. We bring a best practices mind-set to all of our telephone engagements, applying specialized knowledge to consult across a full spectrum of services: survey design and programming, precise sample and quota management, stringent dialing protocols and data security measures. Our systems and data collection operations seamlessly integrate to accomplish comprehensive multimode methodologies, incorporating online, text-to-web and 

e-mail. Operationally, Ironwood leverages multiple computer-assisted telephone interviewing platforms equipped with predictive and Telephone Consumer Protection Act-compliant dialing solutions to accomplish studies quickly and efficiently. Contact Ironwood to learn more about our full suite of high-quality, cost-effective telephone research solutions.

Phone 1-602-661-0878 x2110 

Just the Facts logo.

Just The Facts Inc.

Founded 1994 

Bruce Tincknell, Managing Director

Just the Facts website.Quality research at budget-friendly costs! For 30+ years clients have rated JTF’s quantitative methods as No. 1 in cutting-edge tools providing rich insights. Our quantitative methods use a range of techniques to better assess a product/service’s hidden advantages. JTF works in both B2C and B2B environments uncovering customers’ motivating actions, behaviors and decision-making. Our toolkit uses state-of-the-art CATI phone methods providing the most robust insights. We also offer an array of tech-savvy online techniques. JTF is your “go-to partner” for high-quality quantitative. Your research investment leads to optimal business strategies, achieving stronger sales, profits and ROI. Let’s discuss your specific needs, ensuring your initiatives are aligned with your project expectations! We listen to you! Call today for a no-obligation consultation or e-mail Testimonials:

Phone 1-847-506-0033

Murray Hill National logo.

Murray Hill National

Founded 2013 | 35 employees

Susan Owens, COO

Susan Owens is the COO of Murray Hill National.Clients trust Murray Hill National with thousands of studies per year as their research partner. We deliver valuable solutions, high-quality recruitment and data collection for consumer, health care, business-to-business and technology projects. Specializing in all methodologies and audiences. MHN has the ability to host and deliver your results across the U.S. MHN has worked diligently over the past 25 years and advanced to one of the leading market research services companies in the U.S. Our teams are committed to meeting your research needs. We provide high-quality recruitment with access to 3.5 million consumers, 500,000+ B2B, 500,000 physicians, nurses and more, and we organize 100+ patient panels. Our qualitative services extend far beyond the traditional focus group. Our services include online, digital, remote, home use test and any other methodology needing to find an audience with feedback or expert knowledge. Validations...specialized in quick turnaround validation of your quant studies. Call us today for your next project! MHN are your “national” recruiting experts!

Phone 1-972-707-7645

Precision Opinion logo.

Precision Opinion

Founded 2007 | 750-1,000 employees

Matthew McCoy, Chief Operations Officer

Matthew McCoy is the chief operations office of Precision Opinion. For nearly 20 years Precision Opinion has provided its clientele with boutique data collection and sourcing services. With a rich history of utilizing multiple data collection modes to obtain accurate quality samples across both small and large population and geographical segments, Precision has the experience to solve your greatest research challenges. Additionally, we offer 600 in-person CATI interviewing stations, SMS text-to-web, online panel, mail-to-web and IVR. Since 2022 the new executive leadership team has built upon our quality tradition, reinvented our corporate culture and reaffirmed our commitment to our clients and employees. For as long as clients care about quality data for making critical decisions, Precision will be here to serve them.

Phone 1-702-286-7700

RONIN logo.


Founded 1998 | 250+ employees, recruiters and interviewers

David Burdon, Senior Vice President, International Projects

David Burdon is the SVP, international projects at RONIN.CATI is dying!! Or so they said. In a time where the industry is crying out for verified people to give real opinions, CATI is more valuable than ever. So much so that at RONIN we have expanded our CATI operations, opening two new centers in the past 18 months to facilitate the industry’s need for quality B2B and B2C data. With over 25 years of experience, RONIN is generally recognized as the industry leader of quality and verified data, covering over 80 countries and 40 languages. From farmers to fund managers, from tradespeople to tech experts: RONIN gets people, real people.

Phone +44 (0)20 7091 1400

Telepoll logo.

Telepoll Market Research

Founded 1990 | 75 employees

Christine Schmakies, Director of Operations

Christine Schmakies of Telepoll Market Research.Telepoll Market Research specializes in telephone data collection and outreach campaigns for marketing firms, companies and associations of all sizes and within industries of all kinds. Our 35 years of expertise has allowed us to craft unique and proprietary data collection practices enabling us to specialize not only in B2B and executive interviewing, but in hard-to-reach and low-incidence campaigns. Our success in recruiting, tracking and consumer studies is unparalleled; all studies are monitored in real-time to ensure exceptional quality control. Located in Toronto and calling throughout North America, we conduct multilingual research with ease. All projects are conducted in-house by a rigorously vetted team of skilled interviewers and overseen by our expert group of career managers. There’s a lot on the line. Make the call!

Phone 1-416-977-0608 x222