Companies that specialize in data analysis can offer a variety of different but effective ways to gather and implement the information you need for your marketing research project. They understand the importance of quality data and have developed tools and methodologies to ensure you receive high-quality information. 

Whether you’re looking to gain insights on consumers or need specific tools or services, the following companies are prepared to help you meet your marketing research goals. 

AMS logo.

Applied Marketing Science (AMS) 

Founded 1989 | 40 employees
John Mitchell, President and Managing Principal  

John Mitchell is the president and managing principal of AMS.Interested in conveying ideas in a way that captures attention, builds trust and ultimately drives buy-in for your product vision? AMS is an award-winning full-service market research consultancy with roots in MIT. With 35 years of experience providing high-quality insights for leading companies, we’re experts at crafting compelling narratives that resonate with stakeholders. Our consultants are ready to teach you how to develop impactful slides, construct effective arguments and tailor your messaging. Inquire about private training with AMS to master the art of persuasive storytelling and equip yourself with the tools you need to leave a lasting impression.  

Phone 1-781-250-6300

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Founded 2009 | <100 employees

John Feldcamp, Angela Wood, Partners

John Feldcamp and Angela Wood are partners at Babbeltype.Get what you pay for – serious qualitative research transcription. Have research audio and need content? Choose a firm that understands it. Babbletype is serious about HIPAA, GDPR, adverse event training and reporting procedures and redacts personally identifying information by default. Our transcriptionists, translators and analysts are regularly graded for performance and trained to handle customized formats, instructions and processes. Full or clean verbatim, summarized, content analysis, tabular, master transcript consolidation, start and stop points, specialized capture, speech-to-written form correction, non-verbal content capture, headings from guide, highlight or tag-specified quotable content, high-level summary data reporting.

Phone 1-888-678-7782

Decision Analyst logo.

Decision Analyst Inc.

Founded 1978 | 150 employees

Bonnie Janzen, Executive Vice President

Felicia Rogers, Executive Vice President

Bonnie Janzen and Felicia Rogers are EVPs at Decision Analyst.At Decision Analyst advanced analytics is the application of the scientific method to the solution of business and marketing problems. The central focus is the scientific determination of “cause and effect” through rigorous research designs and carefully controlled experiments. Traditional question-and-answer surveys assume that every respondent is self-aware enough and smart enough to accurately answer the questions. Often these assumptions are not true. Our advanced analytics group employs an array of implicit measurements to get at the underlying truth – the real reasons for consumers’ buying decisions. Decision Analyst’s strengths in statistics and mathematics, simulation, modeling and optimization provide the analytical foundation to address complex business and strategy issues. Our researchers recommend the technique best suited to your research needs. Services include market segmentation, demand forecasting, predictive analytics, sales forecasting and sales modeling and spatial analytic consulting. 

Phone 1-817-640-6166

Glimpse logo.


Founded 2021 | 13 employees 

Neil Dixit, Founder and CEO

Niel Dixit is the founder and CEO of Glimpse.Glimpse is a next-generation research platform putting the power of AI to work. ASK any question. FIND any audience. ANALYZE any data source. Use AI to UNCOVER… behavior, emotions, awareness, purchasing decisions and more. Glimpse was built from the ground up to help users move from research questions to engaging content more quickly than ever before. The dashboard instantly outputs blog posts, key messaging based on respondent data, top positive and negative stories and much more. We’re the only platform that infuses the power of generative AI into every single stage of the research, analysis, insights and content creation process. That’s why Adweek says Glimpse’s approach to generative AI is “changing the business of marketing.” And it’s also why companies known for their content marketing like HubSpot use Glimpse as a foundation of their thought leadership and content generation strategies.

Phone 1-813-748-8882

Indico Labs logo.

Indico Labs

Founded 2019 | 11 employees

Majeed Sahebzadha, CEO

Mated Sahebzadha is the CEO of Indico Labs.Indico Labs provides cutting-edge report automation software and services for the market research industry. SlideGen from Indico Labs is the next generation of PowerPoint automation platforms for research consultants. Streamline the process of populating and refreshing data presentations, freeing up valuable time for crafting data-driven narratives and delivering meaningful insights. With a focus on efficiency and flexibility, SlideGen dynamically learns the techniques researchers use to populate each slide. By removing the monotonous and error-prone process of filling charts manually, researchers can confidently populate their entire reports at the click of a button. Say goodbye to repetitive tasks and hello to a smarter way of working.


Research Automators logo.

Research Automators

Founded 2002 | 8 employees

Jonas Ortman, CEO

Jonas Ortman is the CEO of Research Automators.Use our PowerPoint reporting platform or get help from our professional services team. Just choose from our set of standard reports (or let us replicate your current report), upload your data, specify breakdowns and your report will be ready in next to no time! Our PowerPoint reports supports your design theme, native charts (not images), all the statistical calculations you need (significance, correlation, top two-box score, averages and more), verbatim analysis using AI, multiple reports from one study (1,000 reports – no problem) and several report languages in the same project. Visit our website and book a meeting with us!