A consumer’s cultural and ethnic background helps shape many of their beliefs, opinions and ideas. Making up a large and ever-growing percentage of the U.S. population, Hispanic consumers encompass people from various countries and cultural backgrounds who each hold valuable and insightful information for market research. Companies that specialize in Hispanic research can help uncover insights by providing different multicultural research services. These services include the availability of multilingual researchers and moderators who can help recruit and conduct in-person and other types of research with non-English-speaking consumers, as well as provide access to Hispanic consumers in the United States and in Latin American countries. These specialty research companies understand and can advise on conducting research with consumers from different countries with varying cultural ideas and opinions, providing you with diverse and valuable insights from these unique consumer groups. For assistance in conducting research involving Hispanic consumers, consider these companies.

Accurate Market Research

Founded 1999 

Karlene Facey, MBA, CEO

Accurate Market Research is a leader in market research to Latin America, North America and the Caribbean. AMR makes use of cutting-edge technology and new market research methodologies. We provide traditional and non-traditional, quantitative and qualitative research, with specialties in online communities, co-creation and other forms of online research methodologies. Whether it is our large call center and full-service facilities in Mexico and the U.S., proprietary medical and consumer panels or being the leader in telecommunications research, we offer efficient and cost-effective solutions for our clients’ needs. We provide services in the health care, automotive and cosmetics industries across 50+ countries.

Phone 561-948-4354 (U.S.);
+52-(55)8421-8949 (Mexico)

AmeriSpeak® Panel 

(NORC at the University of Chicago)

J. Michael Dennis, AmeriSpeak Executive Director and NORC Senior Vice President

Developed by NORC at the University of Chicago, AmeriSpeak® is a probability-based household panel designed to be representative of the U.S. population. NORC’s AmeriSpeak Latino Panel provides a robust, cost-effective, and scientifically rigorous platform for research on U.S. Hispanic and Latino populations. Key features include extensive sample coverage and superior response rates. Panelists may take surveys by Web or phone, whichever they prefer; multi-mode panels are far better at representing Hispanic and Latino populations than online-only panels. Our English- and Spanish-speaking panel support team provides strong customer service to our panelists, assures cultural sensitivity and privacy and allows clients to conduct their research in both languages without hassle.

Phone 312-759-5218

Asisa Research Group

Founded 1988 | 12 employees

Lilian Pagan, CEO; Claudia Guzman, Research Mgr.

Founded in 1988, Asisa is a full-service marketing research firm with offices in the United States, Central America and the Caribbean. With technological platforms that can help any enterprise achieve their goals without sacrificing rigorous methodological controls and quality, our agency offers a variety of services for qualitative and quantitative projects. A staff that combines over 60 years of experience, Asisa is led by a group of scholars and young professionals in different areas: marketing, business, technology and psychology. The firm has worked with multinational corporations, governments and social organizations (BID, World Bank, ISSP, ABA, etc.).

Phone 877-333-7939

C&C Market Research, Inc.

Founded 1992 | 700 employees

Thomas Morrison, Project Director

C&C Market Research is the complete answer to all your data collection needs. For over 25 years our data collection specialists and field locations, coupled with our proprietary programming and data transmission capabilities, have ensured countless successful projects for all our clients. We are the largest privately-owned and -operated data collection company in the U.S. and have remained a leader in today’s marketplace through hard work, ingenuity and a dedication to quality. During that time, we have followed the market demand and strengthened our Hispanic interviewing capabilities across the U.S. We currently have 18 offices in 13 major markets with fully bilingual staff and in many cases bilingual managers. We look forward to helping with your next project.

Phone 479-785-5637

CASA Demographics

Founded 2005 | 43 employees

Felipe Viyella, CEO

CASA Demographics leverages a national qualitative panel with over 100,000 Hispanics of all acculturation levels and language fluency, providing recruitment, moderation and full-service project management for offline and online qual studies. Recruitment teams in the 18 largest Hispanic metro markets, centralized project management and over a half dozen specialized moderators nationally. Extensive experience in the automotive, CPG, financial services, food & beverage, health care, public affairs, TV/radio and e-commerce fields. Our capacity to organize high-caliber studies and to generate deep insights from consumers has made us the go-to firm for a host of leading brand, advertising and research partners.

Phone 888-503-2170 extension 1

Creative Consumer Research

Founded 1976 | 76 employees

Patricia Pratt, CEO

CCR’s mission is to provide clients accurate, actionable information to develop strategic solutions. This includes expertise conducting research among specific consumer targets, such as Hispanic consumers. With the largest Hispanic department in Texas, including bilingual supervisors, interviewers, coders and both male and female moderators, CCR can provide a variety of market research studies focused on this important consumer. Using in-person and telephone interviews, CCR has conducted research projects among Hispanic consumers in the U.S., Mexico, Central America and South America. CCR has experience across multiple industries, including health care, automotive, financial services and consumer goods.

Phone 281-240-9646

Galloway Research Service

Founded 1967 | 40 employees

Elisa D. Galloway, CEO

Galloway Research Service is a nationally-recognized consumer and business insights provider, delivering high-quality survey research services for over 50 years. Our expert team partners with end users and research providers to deliver fast and reliable solutions to their market insights and research project needs across a full range of methodologies, including focus groups, online, telephone and in-person surveys. From data collection through full-service turnkey studies, we tailor our services to achieve survey and market information goals in all types of industries. Our survey expertise includes Hispanic, military, medical, business, consumer, nonprofit, tourism and government markets. 

Phone 210-734-4346

Ingenium Research Boutique

Founded 2010 | 4 employees

Maria Lucia Parra, CEO 

Ingenium Research Boutique is a one-stop shop for your total market research projects. We conduct focus groups, in-depth interviews, ethnographic interviews and shop-along interviews. We have the capacity to do it in-person and/or online. We have experience conducting research in the U.S. and Latin America (including Brazil). Our researchers have very strong credentials.  They have rigorous training and experienced teams (every researcher has at least 15 years of experience), relevant educational background (psychology, sociology and anthropology), are bilingual in Spanish and English, “immersed” in American and Hispanic cultures and understand differences within countries of origin, across acculturation levels and vs. mainstream.

Phone 407-309-2742 and 914-621-1745

MerkadoTeknia Research and Consulting LLC

Founded 2011 | 5 employees 

Norma A. Mendoza Ph.D., CEO 

MerkadoTeknia Research and Consulting empowers clients by providing nationwide recruitment and consulting services on the Hispanic consumer. We manage qualitative and quantitative research projects from start to finish. From advising clients on the best methodologies to crafting strategic insights reports, we provide a one-stop solution to your research needs. We seek to discover unique insights based on our deep understanding of the psychology of the Hispanic consumer. We are driven to efficiently and effectively manage our clients’ projects, delivering the highest quality of work. And we are committed to empowering our clients with culturally-relevant knowledge that leads to desired results.

Phone 915-317-9264

Mo’web GmbH

Founded 2004 | 43 employees

Herbert Höckel, CEO

Mo’web utilizes digitalization to make better market research. In its access panels, among 1.5 million respondents worldwide, more than 130,000 consumers and 70,000 B2B respondents are from Hispanic markets. Equipped with a diverse set of innovative tools, mo’web conducts national and international surveys. Mo’web offers the whole spectrum of classical market research. Leading your project as a full-service company or as a provider of selected services only. The company was founded in 2004 in Düsseldorf, Germany. To this day it is independent and managed by its founders.

Phone +49 211 8282800


Founded 2004 | 30 employees

Andrew Lissak, CEO 

Offerwise is home to the largest and most representative online Hispanic panel in the industry with a focus on the unacculturated/Spanish-speaking segment. All recruitment is done in-house using our proprietary methods, which ensures transparency and consistent quality. Truly a global panel company, we also have expansive panels in all of Latin America. Our offices across the world consist of market research professionals who understand their local cultures and the consumers you want to reach. Talk to our team today and discover the Offerwise difference!

Phone 800-280-4947

Opinion Access Corp.

Founded 1995 | 400+ employees

Lance Hoffman, CEO 

Opinion Access Corp. (OAC) is the company that everyone comes to for their Hispanic work – even our competitors, because we’ve been mastering surveying the U.S. Hispanic market since 1998. Regarded as one of the leaders in the industry, OAC has been providing researchers and consultants with a one-stop shop for all of their data collection and data processing needs for over two decades. Our 350+ CATI interviewing stations alongside our unique online surveying solutions and expert project management enable us to cater to clients with a wide range of varying budgets and goals for both multicultural and general-population work.

Phone 718-729-2728

RRU Research – Fusion Focus

Founded 1975 | 25 employees

Maryanne Livia, President

RRU Research has been providing excellence in recruiting and project management nationwide since 1975 and unveiled its NYC research facility, Fusion Focus, in 2013. At RRU, we believe our clients deserve an experience that brings together not only the highest-quality recruiting, project management and service, but is also a visually pleasing and comfortable facility experience that fuses the latest in technology and fine design. We believe these factors combine to give our clients not only the most enjoyable experience but will also produce the most valuable research results.

Phone 718-222-5600

Spencer Research, Inc.

Founded 1958 | 20+ employees

Adam Weimer, Vice President

Spencer Research provides full-service market research for the CPG industry, specializing in the food and beverage sector. We’ll assist you every step of the way from design to execution and data analysis to presentation. With a Ph.D.-level psychologist, a home economist and multiple statisticians on staff, our team will help you evaluate all facets of your research initiative before investing your valuable research dollars. Services include: central location testing; home use testing; designed experiments; discrimination testing; focus groups; research on research; claims tests; and more. Contact us to find out why our personalized services build long-term business relationships.

Phone 614-488-3123

Vision Strategy & Insights

Founded 2013 | 7 employees

Michele Cordoba, Brenda Lee, Founding Directors

Vision Strategy and Insights is a full-service research and strategy firm with 20+ years of experience in the development and implementation of actionable research studies among general-market, Hispanic, African-American and Asian consumers. At VSI we take a ground-up approach to every project, led by company principles immersed in every step of development and implementation, assuring best-in-class quality control and delivery of robust and relevant research results. We provide full-service research services across all consumer categories. VSI has developed proprietary techniques including MulticulturalCompass, an approach designed to take into account cultural and category consumption factors unique to multicultural consumers across the acculturation spectrum.

Phone 818-261-8340

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