Finding qualified respondents for marketing research projects is challenging, especially if you’re trying to source participants for niche topics. Panel companies can offer reliable respondents for any kind of project.

These research panel providers can help you find participants on a local, national or global scale. With a broad array of panels from health care to B2B, they can help secure your needed audience. 

Audience Align logo.Audience Align

Founded 2022 | 7 employees

Mike Wagner, CEO

Mike Wagner, CEO of Audience Align.Audience Align provides quality, responsive and unlimited targeted online sample for your research projects. We present you with seamless access to 650 million respondents across 146 countries profiled across all sample types. Our platform includes over 300 supply sources and we have proprietary tech in place that ensures you get the right respondent at the right time, all with Research Defender sitting confidently in the background to safeguard against bots and shady IP addresses. We offer budget-friendly pricing, meticulous project setups and a cutting-edge, proactive approach to filling quotas! We can help with qual recruitment, as well as P&H, translations and data services. Audience Align was created to make ordering sample quicker, cheaper and easier overall! No sense engaging individual suppliers on your end only to juggle multiple sets of links, quotas and reconciliations. Let us do that!

Phone 1-717-715-2216


Founded 2008

Adam Berman, CEO

Adam Berman, CEO of CatalystMR.A trusted global panel and market research services leader, CatalystMR’s online and telephone research panels are widely recognized for our 40 million+ pre-targeted census rep consumers, B2B and health care professionals across more than 50 countries. With 800+ profile targets, CatalystMR ensures a balanced representative of proprietary, quality-controlled populations across each panel community. Global B2B targets include SBOs, ITDM, C-level, financial planners, insurance agents; health care professional targets include physician specialists, nurses and administrators. CatalystMR also provides research support services including survey design and analysis; ad hoc online survey programming and reporting and telephone interviewing field services via a 200-seat multilingual CATI call center. Contact

Phone 1-800-819-3130

CRG Global logo.CRG Global Inc./Test America Online

Founded 1987 | 100+ employees

Dennis Barbelet, Senior Vice President, Online Panel

CRG Global/Test America.CRG is a full-service market research company with a proprietary online panel of approximately 500,000 respondents in the U.S. Nearly all our panel respondents were recruited in-person at our test studios. This ensures strong relationships with our respondents, leading to greater data integrity and best-in-class response and participation rates. We commonly partner with clients on online or hybrid research methodologies, especially for more task-related projects. We are an excellent fit for IHUTs, diary studies, ethnographies, qual/IDI recruits and more. As part of our comprehensive approach, we partner with several leading global databases with the goal of connecting B2B audiences, such as online influencers and creators, with both quantitative and qualitative research projects. Our proprietary panel and innovative approach enable us to curate the optimal respondent for your research.

Phone 1-914-570-4021

Eleven Market Research.Eleven Market Research LLC.

Founded 2021 | 6 employees

Brandon Johnson, CEO

Brandon Johnson, CEO of Eleven Market Research.Why go to multiple partners when you only need one? ElevenMR is a unique mix of methodology, data collection and market research experts, with over 20 years of experience! No matter your research objectives, we can help with your quantitative survey needs. We have you covered, with access to over 70 vetted online panels. Have a tougher audience? No worries! Our custom-dialed phone team excels with specialty audiences, such as lab directors, institutional investors and over $1 billion-revenue companies, just to name a few. Need full-service project management? We do that too, including consulting, programming, screener review, data collection, translations and coding/tabulations. Let us show you what we’re capable of. E-mail us at

Phone 1-972-349-1138

Fieldwork logo.Fieldwork

Founded 1980 | 350+ employees

Steve Raebel, President

Fieldwork office space.Our specialties include medical, CX/UX, B2B, mock jury, consumer and global research. For over 40 years Fieldwork has recruited the highest-quality business, medical and consumer respondents both through and far beyond databases, using proven methods to reach your audience. We believe in a customized approach to recruitment. Fieldwork provides unsurpassed project management, hosting and complete guidance through in-person, remote/online and hybrid research sessions. Our technically versed support staff will confidently guide you through the logistics from large online to multicountry project execution. Fieldwork is your qualitative research partner. Focus on the research. We’ll do the rest!

Phone 1-800-863-4353

FlavorWiki logo.


Founded 2017 | 60 employees

Daniel Protz, CEO

Daniel Protz, CEO of FlavorWiki.FlavorWiki is a global product and consumer experience platform that provides the fastest, most efficient technology for consumer brands to collect, analyze and manage data from consumers all over the world. FlavorWiki combines advanced data and machine learning techniques with easy-to-use project management features that facilitate digital communication with consumers, colleagues and suppliers globally. Using unique technology, excellent customer service and professional expertise, FlavorWiki helps consumer brand companies stay competitive and build winning innovations in a sustainable and affordable way. Our always-on application is active in 100 countries around the world and it’s available in 30 languages.

Phone +41 79 137 2228

Full Circle Research logoFull Circle Research

Founded 2013 | 20 employees

Adam Weinstein and Nate Lynch, Co-CEOs

Adam Weinstein and Nate Lynch, co-CEOs of Full Circle Research.Named the 2021 Panel Company of the Year by The Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards (powered by Quirk’s) and a staple on Inc. 5000’s Fastest-Growing Companies (2017-2022), Full Circle leads the industry in data quality. The only U.S.-based, online consumer sample provider certified to ISO 26362; now certified to ISO 20252; and the founder of #QualityForAll, Full Circle’s award-winning survey experience HoNoR (Holistic Next-Level Research)® marries advanced tech, flexible community strategies and industry-leading quality controls to deliver immediate access to proven-purest data. Full Circle’s foresight, agility and innovations are a direct result of a uniquely consultative approach, delivered by diverse industry veterans.

Phone 1-301-762-1972

Global Survey logo.Global Survey

Founded 2008 | 50 employees

Mayank Bhanushali, Founder and Managing Director

Mayank Bhanushali, Founder and Managing Director of Global Survey.Global Survey is your top-choice solutions partner for end-to-end project management needs. We augment your research operations by making available top-of-the-line infrastructure setup, proven processes and highly trained personnel for every stage of the operational lifecycle of a research study. Under this engagement model, you keep control over the client interaction and overall management while we help move the project successfully from survey scripting and data analytics to reporting and visualization. Engaging with us at Global Survey for our end-to-end project management capabilities provides multiple business benefits. You can apply economies of scale and execute a bigger volume of projects without the need to hire and maintain costly human capital in-house.

Phone +91-740322 0322

Harmon Research logo.

Harmon Research 

Founded 2009 | 127 Employees

Joey Harmon, President and Founder

Joey Harmon, president and founder of Harmon Research.Top insight companies have turned to Harmon Research for high-quality data collection for over 13 years. Harmon Research’s strength lies in our skills and service. We provide our clients with a proprietary panel that goes through constant quality-control checks. Every member can only have one profile and they must complete a double opt-in process at sign-up. We continually review our database for signs of fraud or cheating and we use a digital fingerprinting system to confirm our subjects’ identities. We also employ our cutting-edge DataDefense program, which conducts a line-by-line review of our data to ensure the insights we deliver are accurate and actionable. Our dedicated account management team is always available to answer questions and sharpen the scope of our research and our team of experienced researchers produce swift and cost-effective results. 

Phone 1-714-881-2590

InnovateMR logo.InnovateMR

Founded 2014 | 270+ employees

Lisa Wilding-Brown, CEO

Lisa Wilding-Brown, CEO of InnovateMR.InnovateMR is a full-service and ResTech sampling company that delivers faster, quality insights from business and consumer audiences utilizing cutting-edge technologies to support agile research. Now offering a highly engaged and resume-verified B2B community for qualitative research through the acquisition of Ivy Exec, InnovateMR can engage the most sought-after industry experts for a broad variety of research projects and methodologies including focus groups, roundtables, quantitative sampling and more. As a leader in specialized research, this acquisition further accelerates InnovateMR’s commitment to data quality and global B2B survey participant reach.

Phone 1-888-229-6664

Insights Opinion logo.Insights Opinion

Founded 2015 | 50 employees

Sharoz Ghauri, CEO

Sharoz Ghauri is the CEO of Insights Opinion.Insights Opinion is a global leader in research outsourcing with exclusive expertise in online sampling for consumer, B2B and health care niches. Our fast-paced data collection services are augmented by over 8 million panelists worldwide. Notably, our research incorporates extensive coverage of North America, Latin America, Europe, APAC, the Middle East and the Caribbean along with 100 countries across the world. Clients entrust us with their research needs which are delivered with complete security as confirmed by our ISO 20252 and 27001 certificates. By incorporating domain expertise, perfectly customized services, exposure and scientific methodologies, Insights Opinion is emerging as a global leader in research outsourcing.

Phone 1-646-475-7865; +44 208 144 2786

Kantar Profiles logo.

Kantar, Profiles Division  

Founded 1996 | 600+ employees globally 

Caroline Frankum, Global CEO

Caroline Frankum, global CEO of Kantar Profiles.Kantar is the world’s leading marketing data and analytics company and its Profiles division is home to the world’s largest audience network. Our expertise in survey design, sampling methodologies and data science is amplified by tech. Our clients seamlessly access real people and enhanced insights through a range of survey-based solutions for a better understanding of people everywhere. Validated by industry-leading anti-fraud technology, Kantar’s unrivalled Profiles Audience Network of over 169 million people spans 100+ countries and includes consumers, B2B audiences, health care professionals, patients and other permissioned data connections. We focus on quality and delivering the most meaningful data with consistency, accuracy and accountability – all at speed and amplified by technology. 

Phone U.S. 1-866-471-1399;
U.K. +44 (0)20 7656 5700

Minefield logo.

Mindfield Online Internet Panels

Founded 1980 | 110 employees

Gary McMillion, CEO

Gary McMillion, CEO of Mindfield Online Internet Panels.Still the premier online consumer proprietary panel! Powered by 40+ years of market research and data collection experience. We were a tenured and respected research company long before creating a high-quality proprietary panel using core industry principles to insure quality data (IQD) on every project. Our IQD real-time electronic countermeasures deeply line every project to eliminate quality issues as they occur and our panel is 100% Experian Data Quality verified. Let our experienced team help you with the hard and easy projects on your board. 

Phone 1-800-969-9235

OvationMR Logo.OvationMR

Founded 2017 | 20+ employees

Jim Whaley, CEO

OvationMR: It's a great day for discovering why.It’s a great day for discovering why…we believe in expanding opportunities for researchers to do the work you believe in and can stand behind, for your company, your community and your cause. You get fast, reliable answers for insightful decisions with OvationMR. Significantly improve your online research success with dependable survey data from B2B and consumer audiences. OvationMR services cover sampling, programming and hosting, translations and design and analysis for brand tracking studies, market segmentations, conjoint analysis, awareness and usage studies, customer experience, concept testing and political polling. Our clients include research practitioners, consultants, governments, NGOs and global brands. We offer survey audience sampling and supporting research services globally. Contact us today at:

Phone 1-212-653-8750

Rare Patient Voice and also non-rare logo.Rare Patient Voice LLC

Founded 2013 | 20 full-time, 20 part-time patient advocates

Wes Michael, President and Founder

Wes Michael, President and Founder of Rare Patient Voice.Celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2023, Rare Patient Voice (RPV) recruits patients and family caregivers of rare and non-rare diseases in the U.S., Canada, U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Spain, New Zealand and Australia for qualitative and quantitative market research. We attend patient conferences and work with over 3,000 referral partners to build our panels. We focus on recruiting and can complete recruits within two weeks. Over 100,000 patients and caregivers across 1,400+ diseases/conditions are part of the RPV community. Our panels include all cancer types, Crohn’s, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, epilepsy, Fabry, Gaucher, hemophilia, HIV, Huntington’s, multiple sclerosis, primary immunodeficiency, PNH, pulmonary hypertension, sickle cell and spinal muscular atrophy. For a bid with feasibility and costs: Learn more about Rare Patient Voice and our services:

Phone 1-443-986-1949

Symmetric logo.

Symmetric, A Decision Analyst Company

Founded 2016 | 150+ employees

Jason Thomas, President of Symmetric

Jason Thomas, President of SymmetricSymmetric owns and operates American Consumer Opinion®, a worldwide online panel that reaches over 7 million consumers in 200-plus countries spanning North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Consumers can sign up to become members in one of 11 languages and complete demographic profiles are maintained for each household. Symmetric also operates five B2B worldwide online panels: Physicians Advisory Council®, Medical Advisory Board®, Executive Advisory Board®, Contractor Advisory Board® and Technology Advisory Board®. Symmetric places a high value on representative samples, scientific sampling methods and advanced fraud-detection systems. Our online panels are carefully balanced, continually refreshed and systematically cleaned. Non-responders, speedsters and cheaters are continually purged. Symmetric provides sample for quantitative and qualitative research and online and offline projects. Additional services include programming, hosting, online communities, tabulation, coding and IHUT mailing.

Phone 1-817-649-5243