In an age where most everyone is accessible via phone, telephone interviewing can provide companies with a wide pool of respondents while offering a more personal respondent experience. Companies that specialize in this method are not only equipped with the tools and technology to reach respondents effectively but they also offer a broad range of expertise to meet your research needs.

The following companies are ready to assist with your telephone interviewing needs, whether you require one-time services or are looking for a partner for an ongoing project. From quantitative to qualitative, these companies will help you reach niche audiences in a range of languages.

Askia is a leading supplier of technology to MR agencies around the world. Our telephone solutions are widely used and recommended by agencies of all sizes and include switch-mode management to (and from) web surveys, integrated dialing, remote listen-in, advanced quota and sample management, recording and automated transcription and the support of remote interviewers and both inbound and outbound calls. There is no limit to what you can do with Askia! 

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The Blackstone Group is a marketing insights and research firm with more than 30 years of experience across a range of industries including energy, finance, pharmaceutical/medical and technology. We specialize in global research covering most countries’ native languages. We are pioneers in multimode methodologies, offering a full range of research options for qualitative and quantitative studies including 100 CATI stations as well as online and in-person interviews. We have extensive online panel resources for accessing consumers and B2B decision makers. We are highly responsive from initial proposal through 24/7 attention to projects that deliver quality results with qu...