Telephone interviewing offers researchers a variety of advantages when engaging with participants – since most everyone has a phone , this method allows for greater accessibility to a wide pool of consumers and a personal approach that inspires higher response rates. Companies that specialize in this method have further honed their tools to reach both broad and niche audiences in a variety of industries.

These telephone interviewing providers are ready to assist you with your research needs. From CATI call stations operating 24/7 to professional interviewers fluent in a wide range of languages, these companies offer an array of services to connect to your target category and provide quality deliverables.

Clear Insights Group

Founded 2014 | 350 employees

Jeffrey Welch, CEO

Clear Insights provides survey research data collection services to discriminating organizations throughout North America. Using the most advanced technologies, we provide our clients with the advantages they have come to expect when partnering with us to gather insights through survey research. We believe the best services are delivered when providers work as partners with their clients. Our aim is to provide responsive service, quality deliverables and actively contribute to your success, even in ways you do not envision. Whether a one-time ad hoc project or ongoing programs, our commitment is reflected in our work behavior every day.  

Phone 801-901-3497

Communications for Research, Inc.

Founded 1997 | 200 employees

Colson Steber, Co-CEO

CFR is a research logistics and data collection firm that operates two call centers in Missouri. We expanded in 2018 as our research skills training program improved productivity implementing hybrid recruit and interviewing research. Our project teams, led by the client contact, execute on projects that require 10 hours or 10,000. A third of our calling is qualitative recruitment and we have deep expertise in ag and the food supply chain. We help with accessing, executing and measuring the performance of data collection.

Phone 573-259-0320


Founded 1996 

Ken Østreng, CEO

Confirmit enables organizations to build market research and customer experience programs that deliver richer insights to enable businesses to make smarter decisions. Our clients create multichannel research programs that deliver a compelling respondent experience, streamline MR operations and provide high ROI. We work closely with insight agencies around the world, partnering with them to develop world-class technology that supports their growth. We deliver robust data collection with an ever-evolving CATI solution, AI-driven automation and cutting-edge innovations that make research faster and more efficient than ever. We’re here to support the entire research lifecycle. A partner for today, guiding your vision for tomorrow.

Phone 800-864-5266

Creative Consumer Research

Founded 1976 | 13 full-time; 70 part-time (83) employees

Patricia Pratt, CEO

Creative Consumer Research (CCR) offers a fully-staffed, in-house, 50+ seat telephone center to conduct research studies for our clients. Using proven techniques, we collect high-quality data for a variety of industries including B2B, health care, consumer goods and more. If your business requires bilingual research, we proudly staff a team of experienced market researchers fluent in spoken and written English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Farsi and more. Whether your focus is on the United States or abroad, CCR uses targeted lists and samples as specific as possible and we never dial randomly. To ensure superior quality, all surveys are recorded and available for playback at any time. Each of these resources allows us to thoroughly conduct telephone studies no matter what the size. Maximize your business with the CCR market research and consumer insights team.

Phone 281-240-9646


Founded 1977

Gary S. Laben, Chief Executive Officer 

210Dynata is one of the world’s leading providers of first-party data contributed by consumers and business professionals. With a reach that encompasses 60+ million people globally and an extensive library of individual profile attributes collected through surveys, Dynata is the cornerstone for precise, trustworthy quality data. The company has built innovative data services and solutions around its core first-party data offering to bring the voice of the customer to the entire marketing spectrum, from market research to marketing and advertising. Dynata serves nearly 6,000 market research agencies; media and advertising agencies; consulting and investment firms; and health care and corporate customers in North America, South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. For more information, go to

Phone 214-365-5000

EFG Worldwide

Founded 2000 | 350 employees

Fernand Wiesenfeld, CEO; Mikhael Akl, Call Center Director

EFG Worldwide is a U.S.-based global leader in data collection and multi-country studies. The company manages projects from A to Z; including translation, programming, recruiting, interviewing and crosstabulation. EFG specializes in quantitative; IHUT, CATI, web/mobile, face-to-face and qualitative; ethnos, focus groups, in-depth interviews and online bulletin boards. The company works in 80+ countries and in 120 languages in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia/Pacific and the Americas. The company’s reach includes physicians/patients, labs, payers, B2B, IT, financial services, DM and C-levels, consumers and mid/hard-to-reach targets. EFG is ISO 9001 certified since 1995 with regional offices in France, the U.S., Morocco and China.

Phone 305-767-4476

Global Data Collection Company (GDCC)

Founded 1998 | 850 + interviewers across eight locations globally

Kees-Jan Mars, Founder and Managing Director

GDCC is the preferred, and often sole, global telephonic fieldwork (CATI) provider for various market research and consultancy companies, as well as the corporate research departments of multinational organizations. GDCC HQ is based in Rotterdam and from our state-of-the-art facilities in the Netherlands, London, the U.S. (Reno and Cincinnati), Hong Kong, Istanbul, Skopje and Kosovo. GDCC operates seven days per week by using 525 CATI stations with 850+ interviewers, conducting both CATI and mixed-mode data collection globally by using only native speakers. GDCC is a ISO 20252 and ISO 27001 certified company and compliant with GDPR and TCPA.

Phone +31 (0)10-300-3003 – Rotterdam (HQ); 775-337-1000 – Reno, Nevada (US)

I/H/R Research Group

Founded 1976
Steve Clark, CEO

I/H/R Research Group specializes in providing the highest quality marketing research data collection using both traditional and online methodologies. Our experienced CATI team delivers representative best-in-class data across a variety of categories including consumer, political polling, CSAT, NPS, B2B, health care, tracking, multilingual, mixed-mode, qualitative recruiting and executive interviewing. Our state-of-the-art Las Vegas call center has 52 stations (expanding to 90) complete with live digital call monitoring/recording on all stations to ensure quality. We are experts in conducting low-incidence studies using pure probability RDD sampling to maximize representation and adhere to traditional AAPOR/government-based data collection standards. We offer fully TCPA-compliant wireless data collection and leverage top-quality sampling from sister company Scientific Telephone Samples to ensure representative sampling methodology. Our seasoned team, high quality standards and affordable CPI for both landline and wireless interviews distinguishes us from the rest. Contact us for a quote today.

Call Center 702-734-0757
Corporate Office/Sales 714-368-1884

Information Specialists Group

Founded 1993 | 12 management employees and capacity for up to 55 phone interviewers

Bob McGarry Jr., CEO

Information Specialists Group offers a complete range of research services, from consultation and customized study design to data collection, analysis and reporting – for virtually any type or size of quantitative or qualitative study. Our in-house data collection capabilities include online programming and hosting, phone recruiting, phone surveying, phone recruit to web surveys and live intercept interviewing. Well-known for more than 25 years of experience reaching the hardest to find and hardest to engage B2B and B2C audiences, some industries we routinely serve include agriculture, financial services, health care, industrial manufacturing, legal and medical technology. Clients appreciate exceptional service and our turnkey ability to support critical decision-making with actionable intelligence.

Phone 800-279-5314 or 952-941-1600

Interviewing Service of America LLC

Founded 1982 | 187 employees
Mike Halberstam, Chairman

Interviewing Service of America LLC, a member of the ISA Family of Companies (which also includes SoapBoxSample, Q-insights and icanmakeitbetter), has been conducting CATI interviews since 1982. ISA is known for its award-winning multicultural work and multimode capabilities. Recently ISA opened a TCPA-compliant 110-station call center in Las Vegas, bringing their total dialing capacity to 310 TCPA-compliant web-enabled CATI stations all located in the U.S. Combining deep research experience with the latest technology and forward-thinking approaches allows ISA to provide a positive client experience and high-quality deliverables.

Phone 818-989-1044

IQR Limited

Founded 2017 | 150+ employees

Mark Domitrak, Managing Director

IQR provides you with data quicker so you can make decisions faster. We specialize in computer-based telephone surveys (CATI), providing our clients with access to hard-to-reach audiences that other research approaches cannot deliver as accurately. Since October 2017 we have conducted 162,800+ CATI surveys across 140+ projects. We have an experienced leadership team and highly skilled workforce. Our center leaders have over 50 years of combined experience in delivering high-quality data to clients. Operating from our state-of-the-art facilities just outside of London, our extensive phone bank and skilled personnel allow our clients to be provided with results in a quick and timely manner.

Phone +44 (0)1582 957 955

iResearch Services

Founded Feb. 2008 | 400+ employees

Yogesh Shah, CEO

We are a marketing-first agency with over 10 years’ experience in thought leadership and content distribution. As a B2B research specialist iResearch Services has developed multi-layered contacts with CXOs in 25 countries and 20 industry sectors. With a mission to exceed expectations and to deliver insightful, actionable research we have end-to-end thought leadership services – research advisory; survey and analysis; editorial and design; and distribution and lead generation. We help global brands build digital trust and boost business growth.

Phone +44 20-3965-6776

Ironwood Insights Group, LLC

Founded 2017; 11 employees + call center

Brad Larson, Founder/CEO

Ironwood Insights Group leads the market research industry by offering a seamless integration of all research methodologies into one point of service. We assist corporate researchers, marketers, marketing research firms, consultants and others with high-quality telephone and multi-modal data collection services. Our call center uses the latest technology with cloud-based servers and dialers for increased production, quality and security. We are HIPAA-compliant and maintain strict security and confidentiality controls. Our full quantitative data collection services include consultation, questionnaire design, sample sourcing, survey fielding, data processing, data analysis and reporting. Our qualitative methodologies include traditional focus groups, online focus groups, online bulletin boards and in-depth interviews. As a smaller firm, we are dedicated to providing our clients the best research solutions at reasonable rates. Call or e-mail today for “insights that provide clarity and drive action.”

Phone 602-831-1973

Issues and Answers Network Inc.

Founded 1988 - 500+ employees

Carla Lindemann, COO

Issues & Answers Network Inc. is an independent global marketing research firm providing services such as survey and sampling design, data collection (300 CATI stations in four U.S. call centers and 65 CATI stations in Europe), project management and data analysis. Our international network of reliable alliance partners extends our research capabilities to Africa, Asia, Central America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Pacific Rim and the Middle East. We also conduct online research as well as direct mail studies. We are the only focus group facility in the Virginia Beach area and we have two RIVA-trained on-staff moderators for all your qualitative research needs. A snapshot of industries includes: agriculture, alcoholic beverages, consumer durables, consumer packaged goods, financial services, insurance, pharmaceutical and travel/hospitality.

Phone 757-456-1100

Just The Facts Inc.

Founded 1994 

Bruce Tincknell, Managing Director

Telephone interview firms are not all the same! Some bids are very low and some are higher. How do you decide which to use – or is it just price? If you’re investing in research, a low price is of little value without extreme care, sound methodology and attention to detail. JTF Research asks key questions to ensure optimal results: what’s important about this research, its objectives, outcomes sought, how results will be used and much more. If your research partner doesn’t understand the critical nuances of your needs, low-price research is strategically costly. Conducting quality phone research means having a strategic partner to effectively navigate and manage your important assignments: developing an effective screener, survey, pre-testing, quality control, skilled B2C and B2B interviewers, IT support, data quality, analysis and reporting. Contact JTF for high-quality telephone interviewing with 30 years of actionable results!

Phone 847-506-0033

Logit Group Inc.

Founded 1997 | 250+

Sam Pisani, Managing Partner
Anthony Molinaro, Managing Partner

The Logit Group has call center locations across the globe including in Canada, the U.S., Europe and Asia. We routinely conduct studies in 40+ languages including Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi. Logit offers both B2B and B2C interviewing with trained staff in a wide variety of verticals. Here are just a few of the types of studies we can help with: CSAT, brand awareness, polling, tracking, recruit-to-web and recruit-to-IDI.

Phone 1-866-84-LOGIT

Luth Research

Founded 1977 | 200+ employees
Roseanne Luth, CEO

Luth Research has been a market research leader since 1977 and continues to make groundbreaking advancements in next-generation customer intelligence. At our San Diego call center experienced interviewers specialize in connecting with general consumers, as well as health care, business and other hard-to-reach audiences. We’re experts at conducting proprietary client sampling, purchasing lists and identifying specific audience characteristics. We also use our own SurveySavvy online research community to move beyond traditional approaches. This integrated multimode capability gives our clients exclusive access to web-to-phone recruitment. Our 180 computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) stations operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Plus, clients can access real-time reports 24 hours a day and can download interviews via .wav files.

Phone 619-234-5884

The MSR Group

Founded 1994 | 165 employees

Don Beck, PhD, CEO

The MSR Group is a full-service research firm offering complete consumer and business-to-business research services. We are the only market research company in the country using groundbreaking verbal and facial recognition AI technology to provide real-time CX feedback to managers on customer and employee sentiment. This provides a powerful new tool for improving coaching, training and ensuring business compliance. The MSR Group specializes in customer experience management, brand awareness, advertising and creative testing, along with a wide array of custom quantitative and qualitative project offerings. Our specifications include a 150-station CATI call center, web and IVR surveys, executive interviews and focus groups.

Phone 402-392-0755 or 800-737-0755

Murray Hill National

Founded 2013 | 22 employees

Susan Owens, COO

Clients trust Murray Hill National with thousands of studies per year as their research partner. In return, we deliver valuable solutions and high quality recruitment for their consumer, health care, business-to-business and technology projects. For the last seven years Murray Hill National LLP, rebranded under new ownership, has advanced to one of the leading data collection and recruitment companies in the USA. Our teams are committed to tracking down your target audience. We provide high-quality recruitment for a multitude of industries, such as business-to-business, technology, health care and consumer projects. Our qualitative services extend far beyond the traditional focus group as indicated above. Our call center has 45 CATI stations where we conduct all of our telephone interviewing including qualitative, quantitative, phone to web or old-fashioned CATI. Call us today for your next project!

Phone 972-707-7645

Opinion Access LLC

Founded 1995 | 400+ employees

Lance Hoffman, EVP

Opinion Access (OA) has been delivering expert survey solutions through superior project management for over 20 years. Regarded as one of the leading companies in the industry, OA provides researchers and consultants with a one-stop shop for all data collection and data processing needs catering to social science, health care, political polling, CSAT and market research. Our domestic and nearshore CATI interviewing stations alongside our unique online surveying solutions, Opinion8, enable us to cater to clients with a wide range of varying budgets and goals. 100% web-enabled, we offer CATI and CATI over web from any of our interviewing stations along with programming and hosting for full-service or sample-only online studies. OA gets it done: anyone, anywhere, any way.

Phone 718-729-2728

Partners & Schorr

Founded 1992 | 65 employees

John Delgado, CEO

Partners and JH Schorr Center of Marketing Research Resources provides the highest quality of data collection services for any project scope and methodology – telephone, online or in-person. We’ve completed more than 4,000 projects for clients in industries ranging from automotive and banking to health care and political polling. Our clients enjoy a full range of data collection and field management solutions. Our fully supervised and continuously monitored data collection center includes 40 stations equipped with Confirmit software. We pride ourselves on delivering impeccable project management and customer service that results in the utmost in reliability, precision and results.

Phone 855-872-7002

Perspective Research Services

Founded 1996 | 50 full-time, 1,200+ part-time employees
Ivor Stocker, Chairman

Perspective Research Services is here to help you at every stage of the data journey. You can use our full range of services as an end-to-end experience or simply dip into our services when you need us. Perspective is a data collection and data processing specialist agency based in London offering international CATI via 80 calling stations from our central-London-based center. Last year, we delivered 70,000 B2B and 30,000 consumer telephone interviews across 72 countries in 26 languages. All projects stringently adhere to the Interviewer Quality Control Scheme (IQCS) and Perspective is 100% IQCS certified.

Phone +44 (0)207-490-5944

Precision Opinion Inc.

Founded 1996 | 925 employees

Matt McCoy, Senior Vice President

Precision Opinion Inc. has been the leader in quantitative market research data collection since 1996. Based out of Las Vegas, Precision Opinion houses a 650-seat CATI center that is optimized for the Voxco dialing platforms, along with multimode capabilities. Precision Opinion’s specialties are in the world of, but not limited to, political and social science survey research. As a bespoke market research agency, Precision Opinion prides themselves on the ability to create done-for-you data collection and reporting capabilities. The company mission has been, and always will be, to become a partner in market research with clients and to uncover the insights that drive success. Contact Precision Opinion today to start the conversation.

Phone 702-483-4000

Reconnaissance Market Research (ReconMR)

Founded 1995 | 1000+ employees

Lyle Durbin, CEO

Reconnaissance Market Research (ReconMR) specializes in telephone data collection for public opinion, political polling, social science, B2B and consumer opinion surveys. We have over 20 years of experience delivering high-quality, representative data and results. We conduct survey research via 525 TCPA-compliant U.S. CATI stations in San Marcos, Houston, Bryan and San Antonio, Texas. Platforms include Voxco and WinQuery, using state-of-the-art telephony and networking. Our team includes 1,000+ professionally trained interviewers including bilingual staff. ReconMR’s sister company, CRI, is MBE- and HUB-certified. Our partners include government agencies, universities, academic survey centers, media, political pollsters, public policy researchers, social scientists, transportation, utilities and health care organizations.

Phone 512-757-8116

Reconnect Research

Founded 2013 | 20 employees including Contractors

Scott Richards, CEO

Redirected Inbound Call Sampling (RICS) is a new telephone survey sampling paradigm – one that is highly accurate, low cost and fast. Rigorous academic testing has shown that the RICS sample and data quality is as good, if not better, when compared with expensive probability phone surveys conducted for federal government agencies that rely heavily on accuracy as seen in Public Opinion Quarterly: RICS works like this: every day, millions of ordinary people make calls that don’t connect to their intended party. Instead of hearing the message, “Your call cannot be completed as dialed,” RICS invites callers to take an automated survey – about one in 15 callers will complete a three-to-five-minute survey! For surveys requiring a live interviewer, RICS screens and connects eligible callers to live interviewers, reducing the cost of completing surveys by about 50%. To further discuss, here is my calendar:

Phone 310-613-8686

Schlesinger Group

Founded 1966 | circa 600 employees

Steve Schlesinger, CEO

Schlesinger is a leading international data collection provider. Our telephone interviewing approaches for diverse and high-quality interactions include telephone interviews, tele-depth interviews, webcam TDIs, web-assisted telephone interviews and telephone pre-tests. Schlesinger Global supports worldwide telephone studies with one dedicated contact. Working in partnership with you, we provide a consultative and collaborative approach to project management and apply intelligent solutions to meet recruitment needs for business professionals, health care professionals, consumers and hard-to-reach groups, ensuring recruitment is optimized for your chosen method. We have vast experience with both ad hoc and continuous studies and our services are customized for end-to-end project management or à la carte support.

Phone +1 617-542-5500

SERVICE 800 Inc.

Founded 1989 | 107 plus 385 project professionals

Jean Mork Bredeson, CEO

For 30 years and in 30 languages, SERVICE 800’s professional telephone interviews have been producing customer insights that drive impactful actions. Never outsourcing, SERVICE 800 continues to deliver its trained and tenured interviewers to follow up with customers within minutes or hours of service experiences, or with executives on regular intervals. SERVICE 800 excels in its hit rates and completions. Its ability to combine phone studies with other methods such as e-mail, web, IVR and survey-to-text keeps accuracy and value high. Low-cost provider. Results in days.

Phone 800-475-3747 or  952-475-3747

SIS International Research

Founded 1984 | 75 employees

Ruth Stanat, CEO

SIS International Research is a leading market research and strategy research company. We conduct CATI interviewing, telephone depth interviews (TDIs), key opinion leader interviews, mystery shopping and telephone surveys. We provide multilingual interviewing in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, German, French and many other languages. SIS has a vast national and global database of consumer, B2B, industrial, health care and automotive respondents. We also conduct surveys with low-incidence and hard-to-reach audiences. Because of our global scale, multilingual resources and access to respondents, we provide cost-effective qualitative and quantitative telephone interviewing solutions. Uniquely, we have a strategy research group that does high-level B2B interviewing, market opportunity research and competitive intelligence. Our solutions include customer satisfaction, pricing research, product comparison research, customer service experience research, new concept research and qualitative interviews. Our coverage is nationwide and worldwide. SIS also has global call centers in New York and London.

Phone 212-505-6805

Telepoll Market Research

Founded 1990 | 75 employees

Christine Schmakies, Director of Operations

Dial It Up! Telepoll Market Research is a dedicated 60-station telephone data collection firm. With 29 years of experience, our proven and proprietary data collection methods are second to none. We’ve managed virtually every type of research. Telepoll’s satisfied clients include financial services and retail companies, marketing and brand management firms, groups, associations, political parties and governments. From customer satisfaction to challenging C-level studies, Telepoll tailors itself to each and every client, their respective campaigns and delivers even on the most complex and unique projects. Telepoll proactively manages and delivers projects with quality and precise data.

Phone 416-977-0608, ext. 222

Voxco Survey Software

Founded 1976 

Vincent Auger, VP of Sales

Voxco Survey Software is crafted for (and by) market researchers. It provides organizations with robust options to collect survey data any time, any place, by device-responsive online surveys, over-the-phone interviews (CATI, IVR and dialers) or face-to-face mobile offline surveys. Founded over 25 years ago, Voxco works with clients in over 30 countries.

Phone 514-861-9255

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