Real, qualified respondents are important to any and every research project. To find them, you need the right recruiters.

There are multiple factors to consider when selecting a recruiting company, from the firm’s level of experience to its processes and the employees executing and finishing the project. Underlying everything, though, are the company’s databases. Without a range of sources from which to recruit, the firm won’t be able to fill the quotas for those niche and hard-to-find respondent groups. Building a successful track record of securing the right participants in the right timeline starts with an experienced and creative staff that has a variety of methods of recruiting and has proven they can guide a project every step of the way. The best recruiters validate respondents prior to the research project, treat them with respect and courtesy and are able to accomplish the project within the agreed-upon cost and time parameters.

Here is a list of some of the top firms that provide recruiting and focus group services.

AOC Marketing Research   

Founded 1980s | 25 employees

Cathleen Christopher, CEO

Top three in the nation for recruiting, according to Impulse Survey of Top Rated Focus Facilities 2015. AOC’s specialties are focus groups, IDIs, large-quota taste tests, CLTs and other in-person research in their Charlotte, N.C., facility. AOC features private client suites and a fully-equipped test kitchen with an experienced staff. Each of our four suites includes a private client lounge with an office and restroom, a client entrance/exit outside and separate HVAC controls for client and respondent areas. Only a 20-minute drive from the international airport, AOC is also minutes from several hotels and award-winning restaurants.

Phone 704-341-0232


Ascendancy Research

Founded 2005 | 20+ employees

LynMarie Winninger, CEO


“Top Rated” in the U.S. for responsiveness, value, client care by Impulse Survey in each of the past 10 years. Always developing innovative ways to recruit the real respondents to each project’s highest standards and lowest incidence rates in the necessary turnaround time. Founded in 2005, Ascendancy Research Recruiting continues year after year to adopt the new technologies and methodologies to deliver on its promise. Whether you are looking for four or 400 for your project, this cutting-edge market leader is the provider of choice. For your ad-vantage, they offer premium screener development and support, superior project management, round-the-clock recruit reporting and seasoned recruiters.

Phone 952-544-6334


Civicom CiviSelect™ Recruiting

Founded 2000 | 350 employees

Rebecca West, Global VP, Marketing Research Services

The success of your project starts with the right recruits. CiviSelect™ is a unit of Civicom® Marketing Research Services. Our services are local to global and cover single to multi-market studies for respondents located in the U.S. or worldwide, in English or a local language. We provide discussion guide analysis, screener writing and review, respondent technology screening, disposition reporting, recruit status updates and scheduling for Web-enabled interviews, focus groups, mobile research and online research platforms. We handle incentives. We ac-cept only marketing research recruitment assignments we are confident we can complete successfully using our internal team or through working with one of our global recruiting partners.

Phone 203-413-2423


Communications for Research Inc.

Founded 1997 | 140 employees

Colson Steber, Vice President, Business Development

Recruiting is what we do best. The person you work with takes a leadership role in the research by understanding the outcomes you need and taking ownership over being sure we deliver. Whether it is a recruit to an on-site cus-tomer event, online community or traditional methodology, we will learn the target audience profile and communi-cate our plan to execute. We can start in less than 24 hours and utilize a paperless process that makes the small-est recruits efficient and the largest projects manageable. We perform over 450 qual and quant recruiting projects annually with over 100 recruiters on our team.

Phone 573-775-4550


Eastcoast Research

Founded 1978 | 12 employees

Paula Corbett, CEO

Exceptional recruiting is our No. 1 priority. Our professional team is committed to excellence in recruiting, client satisfaction and developing long-lasting relationships, earning top ranks by Impulse Survey in 2014. We special-ize in focus group recruiting in Eastern North Carolina with high show rates and articulate respondents. Our state-of-the-art facilities in North Carolina are centrally located in Wilmington and Greensboro and include wireless In-ternet, Web conferencing and digital recording technologies. Eastcoast Research will find the respondents you need!

Phone 910-763-3260



Founded 1983 | 750 employees

Stephen Raebel, CEO

At Fieldwork, we understand that the recruiting is the most crucial part of every research study.  We have local databases and recruiting teams in every one of our 16 facilities nationwide as well as the centrally-located Na-tional Recruiting Center, boasting a database of over 1 million respondents in every corner of the country. Our recruiting often goes beyond our databases. The ability to network effectively in remote locations and to find respondents for more challenging studies is one of our strongest assets. For consumer, B2B or medical recruit-ing, you can… Focus on the research and let Fieldwork do the rest.

Phone 1-888-TO-FIELD 888-863-4353


Focus Pointe Global

Founded 1988 | 500+ employees

Laura Livers, CEO

Focus Pointe Global is a leading national provider of high-quality qualitative and quantitative marketing research data collection services. The 1.5 million-member FPG QualPanel™ provides practitioners with the articulate and engaged participants required for any marketing research project, no matter the methodology. FPG owns and operates 18 premier focus group facilities in the major metropolitan markets that are also the major DMAs for quantitative research projects. FPG offers a wide range of services, including expert focus group recruiting and coordination, complete online services, health care and clinical, ethnographies, product testing, jury research and mystery shopping. FPG is committed to providing its clients unrivaled research solutions with professional integ-rity and the highest level of service quality.

Phone 888.873.6287


Focus Quota

Founded 2012 | 12 employees

Branden Miller, Senior Respondent Recruiter

Old, conventional and traditionalist ways of participant recruiting were made for Baby Boomers and Generation X companies living in the past. Focus Quota is a young Millennial company that deals with the now and new in respondent recruiting. We have been dominating the industry for over the past eight years, delivering prime qualitative and quantitative fieldwork and project management services. We have experience in providing professional and cost-effective services to B2C, B2B and B2G business models. With fresh, innovative methods you will not get anywhere else, we're always scouting for new technologies and practices to incorporate into our fine-tuned survey and questionnaire designs. Our staff is constantly being trained to provide unmatched excellent service. You can trust us to use creative and trending techniques to reach candidates who bear your specific profile needs. 

Whoever you want, we FIELD IT!

Phone 646-783-8507


Group Dynamics in Focus Inc.

Founded 1981 | 17 employees

Robin Kaplan, CEO

Group Dynamics in Focus offers over 30 years of experience in qualitative marketing research.  Located in sub-urban Philadelphia, we recruit for our focus group facility as well as outside venues. You can rely on us for ex-pert recruiting of health care professionals, B2B and consumers. With the emphasis on innovative solutions to complex projects, we are able to deliver what we promise to our clients. We are trusted for our skills in recruiting medical professionals nationally for both in-person and telephone research. Our loyal clients appreciate our commitment to provide high-quality research projects that run smoothly from start to finish.

Phone 866-221-2038 


L&E Research

Founded 1984 | 226 employees

Brett Watkins, CEO

L&E knows that finding the right people to talk to is key for a successful research project and we are passionate about recruiting the best respondents for your study. For over 30 years, L&E has successfully recruited consum-ers, health care professionals and business professionals for virtually every type of research project. We start with our database of almost 500,000 respondents, then use the latest technologies and one of the largest recruit-ing teams in the industry. With a dedicated project manager providing daily feedback and access to real-time recruiting updates through our Client Portal, you can feel confident in your study’s success.

Phone 877.344.1574


Mediabarn Research Services

Founded 2004 | 20 employees

Keith Deaven, CEO

A multiservice firm located just minutes from Washington, D.C, Mediabarn Research offers a professionally sea-soned, expert research team for moderating and top-quality participant recruiting. Our in-house recruiting team, comprised of interviewers carrying up to 30 years of personal industry experience, are trained to identify and en-list only the most proficient and engaging respondents. Using a variety of recruiting methodologies, which in-clude our expansive and ever-growing respondent database, social networks, personal and business connec-tions, Internet research and in-field engagements, we are capable of sourcing fresh respondents in markets na-tionwide for both qualitative and quantitative research.

Phone 703--890--0770


Reckner Healthcare

Founded 1991 | 225 employees

David Reckner, CEO

Reckner Healthcare provides complete fieldwork solutions for pharmaceutical and medical marketing research projects. Serving clients for more than 25 years, the company specializes in delivering access to physicians, al-lied health care professionals, payers, decision makers and opinion leaders across the United States and the world. Reckner has its own independently-maintained panel and internally-designed panel management system, making it one of the industry’s most robust, respected health care panels. Providing fast access and easy plat-form linkages, Reckner offers recruiting and scheduling for qualitative and quantitative health care research pro-jects. Services include list matching, recruitment, scheduling, verbal confirmations, programming, hosting and project, segmentation and honoraria/1099 management.

Phone 215-822-6220


Recruit and Field Inc.

Founded 2009 | 14 employees

Josh Dyszel, CEO

Recruit and Field Inc. is the nation’s leading independent qualitative recruiting company. With an in-house data-base of over 300,000 registered respondents, we hand-select participants using telephone screening techniques for consumer, business and health care research projects. Services are available for nationwide methodologies, including online board, mobile app and other Web interviewing platforms. Recruiting for localized methodologies such as focus groups, in-depth interviews, ethnography, etc., are available in New York, New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Austin, Dallas and Miami. Having a non-venue-based infrastructure allows RAF to deliver high-quality recruiting services at an excellent value.

Phone 646-400-5650 


Resolution Research

Founded 1990 | 10+ employees

Nina Nichols, CEO

Recruitment is the life source of a project. Resolution Research is the go-to firm for high-level, hard-to-recruit audiences. We specialize in recruiting medical respondents, from dentists, veterinarians and MDs to patients with orphan diseases. We have reach in education, financial, IT, CPG and AG as well as most other industries (after all, we’ve been in business for 25 years!). We work across all methodologies and platforms with all types of re-spondents, including KOLs and low-SES. We pride ourselves on our reputation as the firm that continuously delivers. When you need quality with a quickness, call Resolution Research first.

Phone 303-830-2345


RRU Research - Fusion Focus

Founded 1975 | 33 employees

Maryanne Livia, President

RRU Research has been providing excellence in recruiting and project management nationwide since 1975 and unveiled its NYC research facility, Fusion Focus, in 2013. At RRU, we believe our clients deserve an experience that brings together not only the highest-quality recruiting, project management and service but also a visually pleasing and comfortable facility experience that fuses the latest in technology and fine design. We believe these factors combine to give our clients not only the most enjoyable experience but will also produce the most valuable research results.

Phone 718-222-5600


Schlesinger Associates

Founded 1966 | 600 employees

Steve Schlesinger, CEO

Recruiting for thousands of studies annually, our clients trust us as their research partner to deliver high-quality qualitative and quantitative recruitment for their important and most challenging projects for health care, consum-er, B2B and technology markets. Our experienced and resourceful teams have an unparalleled understanding of quality drivers across a range of recruitment solutions from panel to telephone to social media. We are fully committed to tracking down and engaging your target audiences to participate in our full range of methodolo-gies. At Schlesinger, we dig deeper, leveraging participant connections and constantly pushing the boundaries of our capabilities to help you succeed. Celebrating 50 years!

Phone 732-906-1122



Survey Center Focus, LLC

Founded 1973 | 85

Susan Stanicek, Managing Director

Survey Center Focus is a top rated research company specializing in recruiting top C-suite executives, B2B audi-ences, physicians, low-incidence patients, KOLs, and difficult-to-recruit respondents. Our best-in-class recruiters, proprietary databases, and thoughtful project management ensure we’re talking to the right people and unearth-ing powerful information. Due to our flexible nature, we are able to assign creative resources to get in the trench-es and meet the toughest recruiting challenges. Our experience includes recruiting thousands of physicians for top pharmaceutical companies globally and Fortune 1000 C-suite executives for international consulting firms. With this expertise, we’re ready to tackle all your toughest projects.

Phone 312-321-8100


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