Market research online communities help businesses access the audiences they need when they need them. Whether you’re seeking a niche group of respondents or hard-to-reach patients, these experts can introduce you to the specific communities your research requires.

With their custom, proprietary online insight communities, these companies can offer affordable, reliable and high-quality insights for your next marketing research need. 

CRG Global logo.

CRG Global Inc.

Founded 1987 | 100+ employees

CRG is a full-service market research company with a proprietary online panel of ~500,000 respondents in the U.S. Nearly all our panel respondents or general consumers were recruited in person at our test studios. This ensures strong relationships with our respondents, leading to greater data integrity and best-in-class response and participation rates. Within this panel is a community of online influencers or creators. These specific members of our community were recruited, screened and verified by our influencer team and regularly participate in qualitative (ex. in-person IDIs) and quantitative (IHUTs) research. Due to the strong validation and connections made in our recruitment process we frequently provide influencers with larger follower counts.

Phone 1-800-831-1718

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Fuel Cycle

Founded 2007 | 125 employees 

Eran Gilad, CEO

Eran Gilad is the CEO of Fuel Cycle.Fuel Cycle unleashes the power of decision intelligence for legendary brands. We achieve this by enabling brands to rapidly capture and act on the mission-critical insights required to launch new products, acquire customers and gain market share. Our technology enables decision-makers to maintain constant connections with their customers, prospects and users to uncover real-world actionable intelligence and insights. By integrating human insight with critical business data, and through automated quantitative and qualitative research solutions, the Fuel Cycle Research Engine powers product innovation, brand evolution and enhanced user experience.

Phone 1-323-556-5400

Global Survey logo.

Global Survey

Founded 2008 | 100 employees

Mayank Bhanushali, Founder and Managing Director

Mayank Bhanushali is the founder and managing director of Global Survey.Global Survey, as our name suggests, is one of the global leaders in using digital data collection to power analytics and insights. We provide data-driven decision-making for clients who listen to and interact with the world’s consumers and business professionals through Global Survey online panels, as well as mobile, digital and social media technologies. We apply the breadth of over 88 online consumer panels and communities across 70 countries to your market research studies. We’re dedicated to continually fine-tuning our panel network to ensure quality and growth as your research needs change over time. Global Survey works with many of the world’s leading market research agencies, media agencies and corporations.

Phone +91-740322 0322

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Founded 1996 

Dan Womack, President

Dan Womack is the president of KLC.KLC delivers always-on human insight. We’ve been building custom online insights communities (MROCs) longer than almost anyone and communities are our only focus. We help our clients build better experiences, better marketing and better products every day! A KLC community means affordable access to the exact audience you need and access to an almost limitless collection of research tools. Our approach includes all the traditional research tools you would expect, access to our proprietary CrowdWeaving® innovation methodology, plus easy access to the AI research tools of today and tomorrow. All this with the convenience of one contract (and that means only one purchase order to push through your system).  

Phone 1-732-224-9991 or 1-706-905-0625

myCLEARopinionPanel logo.myCLEARopinion Panel

Founded 2008 

Mitch Henderson, Co-CEO

Mitch Henderson is the co-CEO of myCLEAROpinionPanel.Struggling to find the right respondents for your B2B research? Stop using multiple databases, sample aggregators, customer supplied spreadsheets or rented lists in hopes of finding the right people. myCLEARopinion Panel specializes in high-quality B2B skilled industry sample, providing access to a unique and powerful audience of decision makers representing HVAC, engineering, architecture, construction, flooring, roofing, plumbing, mechanical systems, packaging, manufacturing, safety, security and food and beverage industries. We can offer survey sample, research services, hosting and programming, AI insights and more. Curated for market researchers, by market researchers. Call myCLEARopinion Panel today. You will love working with us!

Phone 1-248-633-4930

my-take logo.


Founded 2010 | 40+ employees

Todd Hoskins, Co-Founder

Rich Armstrong, Co-Founder

Todd Hoskins and Rich Armstrong are co-founders of My-Take.My-Take is an insights technology company that informs faster and better decisions through a leading-edge platform and remarkable professional services team. My-Take has enjoyed rapid growth and exceptional client retention with customers ranging the full spectrum from SaaS/DIY to full-service. Our professional services team provides flexible support regardless of the plan type selected. The My-Take proprietary platform is completely integrated, AWS cloud-hosted and deploys innovative research applications and automation. The powerful platform offers applications for qualitative, quantitative, CX and UX research. My-Take has been recognized in the industry for its innovation, with many successful launches including online focus groups and AI Instant Theming. With the most advanced platform, efficient and flexible service, superior value and a continuous improvement mind-set, My-Take is the smart choice for companies looking to future-proof their communities.

Phone 1-508-366-8400