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Finding reliable respondents for your research studies and surveys is crucial. Respondents influence your results heavily through their thoughts and opinions regarding your products, services and future innovations.

Sample providers can help narrow your target representative group through ID validation and continuous checks to remove any fraudulent individuals. These companies offer panels of reliable respondents, data analysis and a variety of audiences for any size project. When it comes to sampling research, these companies will provide you the tools necessary to succeed.  

Branded Research logo

Branded Research

Founded 2012 | 43 employees

Matt Gaffney, CEO

Matt Gaffney is the CEO of Branded Research.

Branded Research is a leading audience technology company reimagining the market research industry to uncover deep consumer and B2B insights – all intelligently powered by AI. Our on-demand data collection platform helps our clients gather trusted, forward-looking insights to grow their businesses. How’s it done? Branded Research unlocks unique data acquisition through Branded Surveys, our proprietary research community of 2 million users. The collective opinions and insights from our users are qualified through willing, natural interaction and powerful social engagement. These insights provide companies with the high-quality data they need to confidently make strategic decisions about their products and services. 

Phone 1-888-848-2525

Eleven Market Research logo

Eleven Market Research, LLC

Founded 2021 | 6 employees

Brandon Johnson, CEO

Brandon Johnson is the CEO of Eleven Market Research

ElevenMR is a hybrid data collection and research company specializing in quantitative research. Our team of research professionals has over 25 years of experience conducting online surveys with access to over 70 online panels. When your audiences are more difficult, our Custom-Dialed Phone Methodology (interviewer administered with shared screen capability) is perfect. We offer full-service project management including programming, greater feasibility, competitive pricing and innovative sample plans, worldwide! Some of our specialty audiences include: consumer, B2B, execs and C-level, $2B+, DMs, risk and fraud, IT, financial (AUM of 50M+), pros, luxury, unacculturated Hispanics, ethnic, youth, patients (cancer, hemophilia, cystic fibrosis), health care, hospital admins, payors, insurance, etc. E-mail us at BIDS@elevenmr.com!

Phone 1-972-349-1138

Fieldwork logo


Founded 1980 | 250+ employees

Steve Raebel, President

Fieldwork office space

Our specialties include B2B, consumer and global research. For over 40 years, Fieldwork has recruited the highest-quality business, medical and consumer respondents both through and far beyond databases, using proven methods to reach your audience. We believe in a customized approach to recruitment. Fieldwork provides unsurpassed project management, hosting and complete guidance through in-person, remote/online and hybrid research sessions. Our technically versed support staff will confidently guide you through the logistics from large online to multicountry project execution. Fieldwork is your qualitative research partner. Focus on the research. We’ll do the rest.

Phone 1-800-863-4353

Full Circle Research logo

Full Circle Research

Founded 2013 | 20 employees

Adam Weinstein & Nate Lynch, Co-CEOs

Named the 2021 Panel Company of the Year by The Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards (powered by Quirk’s) and a staple on Inc. 5000’s Fastest-Growing Companies (2017, 2019, 2020, 2021), Full Circle leads the industry in data quality. The only U.S.-based, online consumer sample provider certified to ISO 26362, now certified to ISO 20252, and the promoter of #QUALITYFORALL, Full Circle’s award-winning survey experience HoNoR (Holistic Next-Level Research)® marries advanced tech, flexible community strategies and industry-leading quality controls to deliver immediate access to proven-purest data. Full Circle’s foresight, agility and innovations are a direct result of a uniquely consultative approach, delivered by diverse industry veterans.

Phone 1-301-762-1972

Global Survey logo

Global Survey

Founded 2008 | 25 employees

Mayank Bhanushali, Founder and Managing Director 

Mayank Bhanushali is the founder and managing director of Global Survey.

Global Survey is your top choice of solutions partner for end-to-end project management needs. We augment your research operations by making available top-of-the-line infrastructure setup, proven processes and highly trained personnel for every stage of the operational lifecycle of a research study. Under this engagement model, you keep control over the client interaction and overall management, while we help move the project successfully from survey scripting and data analytics, to reporting and visualization. Engaging with us at Global Survey for our end-to-end project management capabilities, providing multiple business benefits. You can apply economies of scale and execute bigger volume projects without the need to hire and maintain costly human capital in-house.

Phone +91-740322 0322

GMO Research logo

GMO Research, Inc.

Founded 2002 | 178 employees

Shinichi Hosokawa, CEO

Christa Arite, US Director

Mariana Dobre, EU Director

Shinichi Hosokawa is the CEO of GMO Research.

GMO Research offers an online audience engagement platform that allows access to a multi-country online panel network, the Cloud Panel. The Cloud Panel currently consists of over 46 million online consumer panellists across 16 APAC countries and more than 45 partner countries. At GMO Research, we pride ourselves on providing you the best-quality service ranging from full-service, project management, translations and data processing to DIY services. Pre-profiled attributes are also available on request. Our offices are located in the APAC, U.S. and E.U. region and we cater our services globally. Reach out to us to know more.

Phone  US 1-312-203-6269
EU +40-755-121051

Harmon Research 

Founded: 2009 | Employees: 127

Joey Harmon, President and Founder

Joey Harmon is the president and founder of Harmon Research. For over 12 years, top insight companies have turned to Harmon Research for high-quality data collection. We offer research services for global consultancies across a broad range of industries. We take great pride in our ability to collect accurate, high-quality data that helps our clients make the best decisions for their business. Harmon Research’s strength lies in our skill and service – our team of experienced researchers produce swift and cost-effective results using our partner and our own proprietary panels, and our dedicated account management team is always available to answer questions and sharpen the scope of our research. We use cutting-edge technology to manage our studies, including our DataDefense program, which conducts a line-by-line review of our data to ensure the insights we deliver are accurate and actionable.

Phone 1-714-881-2590

InnovateMR logo


Founded 2014 | 170+ employees

Lisa Wilding-Brown, CEO Lisa Wilding-Brown is the CEO of InnovateMR.

InnovateMR is a fiercely independent sampling and ResTech company that delivers faster answers from business and consumer audiences utilizing technologies to support agile research. InnovateMR connects organizations with targeted audiences around the world and develops forward-thinking products to support informed, data-driven strategies and identify growth opportunities. The InnovateMR team pioneered the online sampling space with hundreds of proprietary niche panels. With a highly consultative approach, the team specializes in high-touch services and delivering hard-to-reach audiences including B2B, health care, IHUTs and specialty consumer. With unparalleled and award-winning data quality, InnovateMR remains a sampling leader in the market research industry.

Phone 1-888-229-6664

Kantar logo

Kantar Profiles   

Founded 1996, 600+ employees globally 

Caroline Frankum, Global CEO

Caroline Frankum is the Global CEO of Kantar Profiles.Kantar Profiles is a market-leading data company and home to the world’s largest audience network. Our unique API-driven ecosystem of 150m+ compliant panelists span 130 markets and includes consumers, health care professionals, niche audiences and non-survey-based data connections – accessible for precise targeting and enhanced insights. By pairing our vast network and data sources with tech-enabled research solutions, we deliver unrivalled access to quality panel and first-party data with speed and scale. Our clients name us the most trusted online panel provider in the industry, and we don’t take that for granted. Consistently providing quality-assured, essential data to our clients is our purpose.


L&E Research logo

L&E Research

Founded 1984 | 250 employees

Brett Watkins, CEO L&E research image showing 99% client recomendation.

L&E Research’s panel is what leading brands use when quality, validated research participants are needed. With over 1.25 million consumers and patients nationwide and with over 135 data points tracked, L&E’s panel was built for qualitative research, with the vast majority of participants being ID-validated, enabling us to do high-quality quantitative research as well. We also utilize a host of technology solutions to identify and track cheaters, repeaters and other fraudulent individuals. It’s why the leading brands use us to help them unlock powerful insights: quality panel, innovative technology and extreme client service. Come see why L&E is 99% client recommended!

Phone 1-877-344-1574

myCLEARopinion Panel logo

myCLEARopinion Panel

Founded 2008 

Mitch Henderson, co-CEO Mitch Henderson is the Co-CEO of myCLEARopinion.

Stop using multiple databases, customer supplied spreadsheets or rented lists in hopes of finding the right people for your B2B research needs. Expand your vision to include more than internal and direct customer feedback. Call myCLEARopinion Panel today. Specializing in B2B skilled industry sample, myCLEARopinion provides access to a unique and powerful audience of U.S. decision makers representing HVAC, engineering, architecture, construction, maintenance, flooring, roofing, plumbing, mechanical systems, packaging, manufacturing, safety, security and food and beverage industries. We offer online sample, research services, hosting and programming. Curated for market researchers, by market researchers, you will love working with myCLEARopinion Panel. 

Phone 248-633-4930

OvationMR WorldInSight logo


Founded 2017 | 20+ Employees

Jim Whaley, CEO The OvationMR team image

It’s a great day for discovering why… you get fast, reliable answers for insightful decisions with OvationMR. Significantly improve your online research success with dependable survey data from B2B and consumer audiences. Our mission: Expand opportunities for researchers to do the work you believe in and can stand behind, for your company, your community and your cause. OvationMR services cover sampling, programming and hosting, translations and design and analysis for brand tracking studies, market segmentations, conjoint analysis, awareness and usage studies, customer experience, concept testing and political polling. Our clients include research practitioners, consultants, governments, NGOs and global brands. We offer survey audience sampling and supporting research services globally. Contact us today at: info@ovationmr.com.

Phone 1-212-653-8750

Paradigm logo

Paradigm Sample

Founded 2009 - 110 Employees

Adam Jolley, EVP + General Manager Americas Adam Jolley is the EVP and General Manager, Americas of Paradigm Sample.

Founded in 2009, Paradigm has established itself as a leader in service and quality across the market research industry. Paradigm prides itself on building proprietary technology solutions that support full-scale global projects, advanced analytics and the highest-quality sample – all the while saving you time and money. The Paradigm global team brings together decades of experience to ensure your project’s success and instill confidence with all that we do. More than just sample, we can also support all your global project needs.

Phone 877-277-8009

Quest Mindshare

Founded 2003 | 140 employees

Greg Matheson, Managing Partner

Joe Farrell, Managing Partner

Greg Matheson and Joe Farrell are managing partners at Quest Mindshare.

Launched in 2003 to meet the needs of technology companies, Quest began survey operations to 45,000 persons employed in technical fields. With fast-growing panels and a focus on utilizing the greatest survey security technology, Quest Mindshare is now known to provide the most extensive and flexible groups of online panel assets for every B2B and consumer need. Quest’s largest panels reside in North America and Europe, but our project management team can superbly tackle your projects anywhere in the world. Let Quest know what your hard to find audience is (from ITDMs, financial DMs, web developers, moms with babies, music ratings and everything in between) and the team of market research experts and professionals will either offer support through the diverse panel assets or recommend ways to achieve your target.

Phone 1-416-860-0404

RepData logo

Rep Data

Founded 2020 | 38 Employees

Patrick Stokes, CEO

Patrick Stokes is the CEO of Rep Data.

Rep Data provides full-service data collection solutions for market researchers, helping expedite data collection for primary quantitative research studies, with a hyper-focus on data quality and consistent execution. Our mission is to be a reliable, reputable data collection partner for market research agencies, management consultancies, Fortune 500 corporations, advertising agencies, brand strategy consultancies, universities, communications agencies, public relations firms and more. Our unbiased sample sourcing and our acclaimed custom recruitment methodology helps reach quotas even for niche, nuanced audiences and delivers representative, diverse sample crowdsourced from multiple, reputable suppliers. We prioritize data quality across the project lifecycle with a layered approach to fraud mitigation and project management.

Phone 1-817-542-2520

Schlesinger Group logo

Schlesinger Group

Founded 1966 | 1400 employees

Ted Pulsifer, EVP, Enterprise Solutions

Ted Pulsifer is the EVP, Enterprise Solutions at Schlesinger Group.

Schlesinger Group is a leading global provider of sample and end-to-end digital quantitative solutions. We own and operate consumer, business-to-business, health care and patient panels comprising millions of stringently vetted and deeply profiled participants, giving you greater access to understanding your audience and what motivates them. Gain high-quality insights from nationwide or hard-to-reach audiences, fast, using our vast panels, experienced teams and technology-driven survey solutions. Connect with us: Quant@SchlesingerGroup.com

Phone 1-732-906-1122

Symmetric logo

Symmetric, A Decision Analyst Company

Founded 2016 | 150+ employees

Jason Thomas, President

Jason Thomas is the president of Symmetric.

Symmetric owns and operates American Consumer Opinion®, a worldwide online panel that reaches over 7 million consumers in 200-plus countries, spanning North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Consumers can sign up to become members in one of 11 languages and complete demographic profiles are maintained for each household. Symmetric also operates five B2B worldwide online panels: Physicians Advisory Council®, Medical Advisory Board®, Executive Advisory Board®, Contractor Advisory Board® and Technology Advisory Board®. Our online panels are carefully balanced, continually refreshed and systematically cleaned – non-responders, speedsters and cheaters are continually purged. Additional services include programming, hosting, online communities, tabulation, coding and IHUT mailing. Symmetric provides sample for quantitative and qualitative research and online and offline projects. In addition to providing sample, our services include IHUTs, taste tests, mystery shopping, simulated shopping labs, car clinics, online/in-person focus groups and webcam/in-person interviews.

Phone: 1-817-649-5243

Toluna logo


Founded 2000 | 1,400 employees

Frédéric-Charles Petit, CEO

Frédéric-Charles Petit is the CEO of Toluna.

Toluna delivers real-time consumer insights at the speed of the on-demand economy. By combining global scale and local expertise with innovative technology and award-winning research design, we help clients explore tomorrow, now. With Toluna Start, you can launch surveys to our proprietary panel of over 40 million consumers in 70+ countries and choose from over 200 profiling points. Or you can leverage our automated sampling platform, SampleXpress, to get a direct line to our Influencer community of highly engaged respondents. Select countries, demographics and other targeting criteria to conduct a feasibility check and get real-time pricing. From there, you simply connect your survey to SampleXpress, launch the project and retain full control while it’s in the field.

Phone 1-203-834-8585