Qualitative research providers can offer many different but effective ways to gather the insights needed for your next research project. If you’re looking to gain targeted, in-depth insight from consumers, qualitative research may be the route for you.

Whether you are seeking consumer insight for your product or service, looking to better understand certain consumer behavior or developing strategies to grow your business, these companies can provide all of the necessary channels to reach relevant audiences for in-depth feedback, including focus groups, interviews, ethnographies and more. With expertise in a variety of methods, the following companies can help you reach the right consumers to ensure you have access to the most appropriate audience for your research.

Founded 2009 |

John Feldcamp, Angela Wood, Partners

Get what you pay for – serious qualitative research transcription. Have research audio and need content? Choose a firm that understands it. Babbletype is serious about HIPAA, GDPR, adverse-event training and reporting procedures and redacts personally identifying information by default. Our transcriptionists, translators and analysts are regularly graded for performance and trained to handle customized formats, instructions and processes. We offer: full or clean verbatim, summarized, content analysis, tabular, master transcript consolidation, start-and-stop points, specialized capture, speech-to-written-form correction, non-verbal content capture, headings from guide, highlighting or tagging specified quotable content and high-level summary data reporting.

Phone 1-888-678-7782babbletype.com/transcription

Founded 1989 | 80 employees

Dominic Carter, CEO

With offices in Tokyo, Osaka and Singapore, since 1989 CarterJMRN has helped major international brands across a wide range of industries (i.e., food and beverage, skin ca...