AI-powered analytics and reporting technology

By Ray Fischer, CEO, aha insights technology.

Ray Fischer is the CEO of aha insights technology.

AI is now everywhere in the world of market research and, well, the world in general. Like most new technologies, it has huge benefits, incredible optimism and some accompanying concerns.

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Manage unstructured data

First, AI is the single most impactful innovation to affect the daunting task of analyzing large amounts of unstructured qualitative research data. As we all know, the biggest drawback to doing online market research is the unpredictable volume of open-ended data that is generated. I’ve referred to it previously as an avalanche and I honestly don’t think that’s too much of an exaggeration.

The promise of artificial intelligence is tantalizing but it is still in its infancy and requires a skilled human to manage the process. This human element cannot be overstated.

The aha intelligenceTM (ai) generative analytics and reporting tool we’ve developed eliminates that data avalanche trepidation and – in essence – turns it into a significant advantage for users. Here’s how:

We believe the biggest benefit of aha intelligence (ai) is inspiring more transformational analysis and reporting in a greatly reduced amount of time. Some of the specific tools we’ve built-in give you the capability to:

  1. quickly summarize large qualitative data sets (we’re talking minutes here)
  2. instantly apply sentiment analysis to the response sets
  3. automatically tag thematic responses to support your findings
  4. connect unseen or more subtle data points, leading to breakthrough insights
  5. provide supporting quotes and clips to validate your key themes
  6. and most importantly, our latest enhancement analyzes your entire study based on your objectives

Design better studies

In addition, we’ve been able to use aha intelligence to tap into the natural intelligence of the aha platform itself to give clients the advantage of what we’ve learned about planning and executing strategic studies over the last decade. So, we can take your study objectives and quickly recommend a set of activities that you or we may not have thought about. Your study design, in general, and your specific activities will become more strategic and creative at the same time. A more enjoyable experience for respondents while delivering greater insights to researchers.

Dramatically reduce analysis time 

One of the biggest benefits of AI and our aha intelligence is the ability to reduce the time it takes to analyze the data and turn it into a report. 

Our ai helps you…  

  • quickly summarize entire study-level data 
  • deliver results based on your study objectives
  • provide supporting quotes to validate ai insights
  • suggest thematic tags and quantify them
  • illuminate segment and demographic differences
  • suggest thematic video clips and reels where applicable

Write more incisive reports

aha intelligence provides inspiration for writing a better report. It vastly increases your accuracy by suggesting connections that you may not have picked up in your analysis. Our tool provides a more thorough coverage of all the data, identifying opportunities, pain points, considerations and suggestions that may not have been discovered in analog/human data analysis. And it allows you to efficiently dig deeper into curiosities and theories that you want to explore more abstractly.

The power of a historical library

Another big future benefit is building a library of studies on our platform, allowing you to tap archived data from historical market research initiatives to understand macro trends, segment and demographic-level longitudinal insights, as well as understanding changes in brand perceptions and product usage behaviors over time. For instance, we have a client with more than 500 studies within the same product category on our platform; imagine the ai query possibilities that would enable you to take your analysis to a completely new level with minimal human guidance! This undertaking by a human would be next to impossible from a time and cost standpoint.

And of course…data privacy

In conversations with clients, there are a few concerns: one is privacy and data. With aha intelligence (ai), all the proprietary data stays private, from the (ai) processing to our servers that it runs on. Your data is secure. It doesn’t mix with public large language model repositories. It’s your data; it will get better over time by training itself on your historical data. And because of the intuitive approach that’s already built into the platform, you don’t lose the human stories that bring your insights to life. It just becomes easier to find and tell the stories that give you a strategic advantage…and get you more expeditiously to your aha moments.

Another concern we often hear is the fear that AI will replace market researchers or insights analysts. That is certainly not the case; the fact is that the human touch is more important now than ever. AI will not replace market researchers but it will make market researchers smarter, more thorough and more efficient.

If you would like to learn more about our insights technology platform and its AI capabilities, reach out to us at 313-312-0014. We’d be happy to show you what we can do for you.

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