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Qualitative/quantitative platform

Aha! Insights Technology is a leader and pioneer in the ResTech space. Our strategic asynchronous and live technology platform is the most comprehensive in the marketplace. Aha!’s broad suite of mobile and video-friendly tools allows researchers to create custom research studies that uncover and capture rich in-the-moment emotions resulting in amazing insights.

Aha! Insights Technology page offering a viewpoint of their mobile friendly tools.

Key features include the first-ever global integration of Zoom with our Aha! Live Conversations™ platform for online focus groups and IDIs. It features our proprietary ClientStream™ which includes a secure corporate-friendly client backroom, live chat, auto-scheduling, alerts, transcription, tech checks and human monitoring.

TruRotation®, the market research industry’s only algorithm-driven multi-day rotation concept testing tool, gives you 100% balanced concept exposure with absolutely no order bias.

Our multi-faceted Dynamic Canvas® projective tool allows you to create an infinite number of visual exercises including perceptual and brand mapping, concept testing, buyer journey tracking, as well as free-form strategic image and text-related exercises.

Aha! is also a licensed partner with QualtricsXM giving you access to at-scale quant and qual/quant hybrid studies.

We recently released several new advanced features and enhancements including additional moderating and analytic tools, a new data visualization dashboard and a major acceleration of data delivery. 

Our skilled team also provides full-service study design, project management, recruiting and tech support. You can do it yourself or we can do it for you.