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Understanding the ROI of AI for Consumer Insights

An estimated 80% of customer feedback by 2025 will be unstructured, coming from diverse sources like surveys, online reviews, social media and support interactions. This avalanche of unstructured feedback poses a formidable challenge to organizations aiming for consumer empathy. 

Canvs AI Founder and CEO Jared Feldman highlights how AI can unlock unstructured consumer feedback, transforming into critical insights and deeper empathy. Feldman examines three key benefits of AI for consumer insights: increased productivity, deeper consumer understanding and increasing the value of consumer data sets.  

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Generative AI – A Game Changer in Open-End Analysis!

CX Inspector, now powered by Theme Extractor with Generative AI, is a game changer. Unstructured consumer comments, such as survey responses, internet reviews and social media posts, contain valuable information about consumers. However, analyzing these open-end responses has been tedious and time-consuming. CX Inspector solves this problem by extracting descriptive actionable insights from open ends instantly. Load a data set of any size and in one click charts and tables uncover a comprehensive understanding of customers’ feedback. 

The benefits of CX Inspector with Theme Extractor and Generative AI include: 

  • Clear and descriptive insights instantly. CX Inspector identifies and quantifies key themes from responses and visualizes results via charts and tables.
  • Cluster ideas into groups. CX Inspector can group themes together. You can also explore sentiment, examine co-occurrences and generate trend reports and crosstabs, eliminating guesswork and helping uncover deep, interconnected patterns. CX Inspector delivers both a granular view of customer feedback and allows businesses to understand insights comprehensively.
  • Save time and labor. CX Inspector easily extract insights from data sets of any size quickly, freeing researchers to focus on interpretation and strategic decision-making.
  • Multilingual for global support. CX Inspector is language-agnostic, handling multiple languages and eliminating the need for translations.

Experience the power of CX Inspector with Theme Extractor and Generative AI today and revolutionize how you uncover insights from open ends. Your organization's success depends on staying ahead of the curve, and Theme Extractor with Generative AI gives you the key to unlocking untapped insights faster than ever before.

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Quillit ai: Go from Zero to 80% in 60 Seconds

Insight extraction has always required a tedious process of reviewing and data aggregation, consuming valuable time and resources. Now there is a tool that simplifies this labor-intensive process: Quillit ai, from Civicom. Cut your report writing time by 80% or more.

Generate responses instantly. Give Quillit a question to answer from one or multiple recordings. Quillit can provide summaries for all the questions in your discussion guide. Determine the length of text that Quillit provides to you. Target responses to the reading level of your audience. Quillit can process content in all qualitative research deliverable formats.

Quillit uses only your content to generate responses to your queries. Your content is securely compartmentalized to your specific project. Quillit is GDPR, SOC2 and HIPAA compliant. 

Concerned about data-in = data-out? Our human transcription editors can provide you with accurate human transcripts or clean up machine transcriptions before you ask Quillit to provide summaries. We can even organize your Quillit responses into a document using your format and branding.

Our 20 years of global experience facilitating over a million IDIs and focus groups while also processing over a billion transcription minutes enables us to bring you Quillit – an advanced, researcher-centric report writing tool to simplify your report writing process. 

Transform your report-writing experience now with Quillit. Contact us to learn more and get started. Go from zero to 80% “done and ready” in 60 seconds with every summary you generate using Quillit.

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ClearSeas.AI: Illuminate MR Data with the Power of AI

ClearSeas.AI is a robust market research tool leveraging advanced AI technology to transform any CSV file into an intuitive visually compelling dashboard. The process includes simply uploading CSV and questionnaire files, and Clear Seas deterministic software generates a dashboard with detailed charts for data interpretation. 

ClearSeas.AI's Transformer GPT dashboard provides an edge for market researchers by offering comparative analysis that can uncover hidden patterns and provide actionable insights. These features accelerate the data interpretation process and enhance strategic decision-making. The pricing structure includes an initial complimentary preview of five plot visualizations for three days. 

ClearSeas.AI extends beyond AI-powered dashboards offering expert survey design, efficient survey deployment and full-service project management. Clear Seas has made strides in B2B Panel Access and provides a rich network for diverse accurate insights. ClearSeas.AI takes data security seriously. Customer data is used only for the inference, not for AI training. All documents and dashboards are password-protected, and data storage is internal with high-level encryption. Upon the retirement of a dashboard all associated data is permanently deleted. ClearSeas.AI is a reliable partner for exploring market trends and deriving AI-generated insights with robust data security.

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Connect the Unseen Dots with aha intelligenceTM (ai)  

The aha insights technology platform’s generative artificial intelligence-based analytics tool, aha intelligenceTM (ai), enables market researchers and brand insights teams to more completely and efficiently analyze unstructured market research data.

aha intelligence was designed to help researchers validate their thinking and, more importantly, identify blind spots that they may not have identified previously, connecting the unseen dots by giving analysts the ability to:

  • Automatically summarize large qualitative data sets.
  • Instantly apply sentiment analysis.
  • Synthesize connected and unconnected data points leading to breakthrough insights.
  • Provide supporting examples to your key insights without having to search manually.
  • Inspire transformational reports.

A key feature of the aha intelligence tool includes the ability to auto-tag entire studies to instantly organize supporting text-based quotes, video clips and images that bring observations, insights and recommendations to life easily and quickly. To protect brand and respondent privacy, the platform does not allow proprietary data to be shared with the outside world – aha intelligence is a closed-loop application, not part of an open-source artificial intelligence system. 

Launched in 2013, the aha insights technology platform also features live focus groups and IDIs – powered by the first-ever Zoom integration with its proprietary client backroom, projective activities, including Dynamic Canvas™ and Storytelling, a one-of-a-kind TruRotation® concept and ad testing tool, plus a suite of mobile- and video-friendly social/collaborative tools that engage people where they live, work, shop and play. 

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The Potential Impact of Generative AI in the Future of Insights

There is an increased expectation from research and insights to contribute toward the quicker proliferation of data and insights that can be used to tailor business strategy. With an uncertain economy and brands looking to stay ahead of the curve and competition, market research is now the cornerstone of business strategy. 

With the democratization of artificial intelligence, generative AI is now a prominent factor across sectors. In the market research industry, too, generative and conversational AI is redefining how quantitative and qualitative research is conducted. AI propels the global research industry toward Research 3.0 by facilitating various tasks, including generating research ideas, validating past hypotheses, analyzing large data sets and evaluating human emotion in qualitative research. This transformation entails adopting direct and non-direct research methods, utilizing extended media, chatbots, minimized human involvement and observational research.

QuestionPro has generative AI in its core manifesto, focusing on transforming insights. With machine learning, data intelligence and a native AI focus within the research product suite, QuestionPro’s AI research engine, QxBot, unlocks avenues for do-it-together and do-it-yourself research from within the tool for:

  • Building surveys on any topic within seconds.
  • Data quality with quantitative and qualitative survey data.
  • Simplified data synthesis and natural language processing (NLP).
  • Visual representations and custom images in research.
  • Data-based storytelling with intelligent dashboards and widgets.
  • Enhanced insights repositories.

Dan Fleetwood is president of research and insights at QuestionPro, and founding member of the ESOMAR’s AI task force cross-functional team created to tackle the challenges related to the widespread adoption of AI in the global research, insights and analytics sector.

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Navigating the Rise of AI and its Impact on Verbatim Coding

Can generative AI automatically analyze your verbatim data at the push of a button?CEO and Co-founder of codeit, Tim Brandwood, explores the advancements in AI technology and the role it has in verbatim data handling and coding processes.

While the arrival of generative AI is useful for extracting initial themes from verbatim data, if you want accurate and precise quantitative data, you also need human-led AI.

By comparing the performance of GPT3 and GPT4, what can we infer about the rate of improvement in these technologies? What can we expect about the future direction of generative AI? Are we about to be taken over by robot overlords, or are we starting to see a plateau from diminishing returns? 

Discover how codeit blends cutting-edge AI tools with human oversight to support human-AI collaboration on coding.

AI in Market Research for Fortune 500 Leaders

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing industries across the board, and the realms of market research and consumer insights are no exception. As we stand on the brink of this AI-driven era, Fortune 500 companies must harness the potential of this transformative technology to maintain their competitive edge in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.

Suzy is excited to offer an essential guide for directors, vice presidents and C-suite executives eager to unlock AI's transformative power in market research and consumer insights and navigate this rapidly changing landscape with confidence.

In this white paper, you'll gain access to:

  • Real-world case studies: Explore how Fortune 500 companies across industries have successfully integrated AI into their market research and consumer insights practices. Learn from their experiences and discover strategies you can adapt for your organization.
  • Actionable implementation strategies: From assessing organizational readiness to selecting the right AI tools and technologies, we provide practical guidance to ensure a successful transition.
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) for measuring ROI: Understand the metrics that matter when evaluating AI adoption. We go beyond the traditional ROI calculations and delve into the broader aspects of success, including improved customer satisfaction, optimized marketing strategies and long-term revenue growth.
  • Ethical considerations and data governance: Discover how to navigate the ethical challenges associated with AI implementation. Learn how to ensure the responsible use of AI, protect consumer privacy and mitigate biases that can emerge from algorithmic decision-making.

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