Editor's note: If you’re an end-client researcher and interested in participating in a Q&A with Quirk’s, please e-mail me at emilyk@quirks.com. 

What led you to a career in market research?  

I’m passionate about insights! Because of this my career has been focused on research, data analytics and insights.  

My journey as a researcher started in middle school, when I realized that I would like to specialize in the field of economics. While a very early age, I really loved all aspects of research. At university I was the first to sign up to any possible research project, and all my professors were confident that I would pursue an academic career. And so did I! But while I was finalizing my bachelor dissertation, I realized that I couldn’t provide a lot of details on the “So what?” question.

Since then, I’ve been through many stages in my industry research career and in my academic journey, but the passion has stayed the same: combining academic research and marketers’ challenges to ensure that best-in-class research methodologies and methods are applied when identifying business opportunities and addressing them in a consumer-centric way.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced when creating the EU research and insights department in marketing science at TikTok? 

Building a team remotely across the whole of Europe has been a challenging journey, and I feel extremely humbled to have had this opportunity. The main focus I had when I started the journey was to build a diverse, collaborative and high performing team from day one. Some of the key values for my team are to support our business to be data-driven, provide best in-class research and data analytics and, of course, continue learning and celebrating our success. A lot has been accomplished on this journey, and there is much more to come! 

As a company with users across the globe, what research methodologies do you find...