For this, our tenth annual Q Report, we are shaking things up a bit! Instead of presenting all the data in one issue, we’re going to spread our coverage out across the magazine and our digital outlets over the next several months, starting with a regular Q Report feature in each bimonthly issue of the magazine and some occasional Quirk’s e-newsletter articles as well. In the next issue of the magazine, for example, we will look at the responses to our question from this year’s survey about respondents’ plans for using generative AI. Early-2024 issues will cover topics like outsourcing and vendor communication.

The Q Report work life and salary and compensation study of end-client/corporate researchers is based on data gathered from an invite-only online survey sent to pre-qualified marketing research subscribers of Quirk’s. The survey was fielded from May 24 to July 10, 2023. In total we received 1,969 usable qualified responses, of which 707 were from end-client researchers and used for this end-client report. An interval (margin of error) of 2.17 at the 95% confidence level was achieved for the entire study. (Not all respondents answered all questions.)

For my annual overview piece, we will focus on the following: the changes respondents said they foresee their organizations making related to marketing research in the coming year; the areas in which they would most like to improve communication with internal departments and stakeholders; their thoughts on why stakeholders have not included the insights function in important business decisions; and their assessment of the available marketing research tools and methods. Elsewhere in this issue our team will look at some job- and employment-related topics around work satisfaction, hiring plans and the importance of workplace flexibility.

We’ve always viewed the Q Report as more of snapshot in time than an assessment of the state of the industry. Our ...