Editor’s note: Kevin Karty, CEO and co-founder, Intuify, a Market Research firm that uses cognitive science and mobile technology to receive unfiltered insight, located in the greater Boston area. This is an edited version of an article that originally appeared on LinkedIn titled “Did You Miss the Quirk’s NYC Event?”

So many great presentations, so little time! We can’t call this a Top 10, because Matthew Seltzer, SVP, Intuify, and I couldn’t possibly attend all the great presentations. (Sorry if we missed yours.)

For everyone who couldn’t make the trip to the Big Apple (or didn’t buy a pass before they were sold out), here’s a (human written) summary of some of the best insights and new ideas we encountered.

We like to measure things that are easy to measure even if they aren’t all that valuable (*cough* brand tracking *cough*). Pinterest grabbed the bull by the horns and went right after measuring the critical stuff at the heart of their platform – the inspiration that is created by powerful images. But how do you even define inspiration? They think it’s a mix of insights and movement. Deep stuff.

Die NPS Die! (Stephanie Scalice and Allison (Slotnick) Schoer at LinkedIn)

LinkedIn took the stage to put a bullet through the head of the zombie that is Net Promoter Score. (Am I biased against NPS? Nah …) Turns out that NPS did such a bad job of predicting product and feature success for LinkedIn that they replaced it across their organization. After a year of work, 20,000 survey responses, 600 interviews and a couple million dollars, they settled on a two-factor score combining feature value and ease of use. I’m 10 out of 10 to recommend their approach to a friend or colleague.

I have no personal dislike for NPS. None at all. Nada.

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