Gen Z Marketing: Five Key Methods To Capture Attention

Editor's note: Curion and Shutterfly held a webinar on December 15, 2021, offering methods to capture Gen Z attention.

Generation Z, also known as the “pivotals” because they are pivoting away from Millennials, are the largest generational cohort today. On average they are spending $44 billion, and that number continues to climb. It’s more important than ever to market to this younger generation, as their buying power will continue to soar.  

Through secondary research, Amy Ferry, consumer insights manager at Shutterfly Inc., found that the best way to market to these individuals is to apply the five “I”s: Make content iPhone friendly, use images on social media to grab their attention, partner with influencers with similar belief systems as Gen Z, innovate and co-create with them, and promote immersive experiences with your brand.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn about the five “I” techniques in order to attract Gen Z.
  • Understand Gen Z’s buying power and how to cater to them in the future, with TikTok especially.
  • Gain insight into the dos and don’ts when marketing to this generation.


Rachel Orona, Director of Client Services, Curion

Amy Ferry, Consumer Insights Manager, Shutterfly Inc.