Throughout the year Quirk’s Media partners with marketing research companies to provide webinars from a range of categories in order to foster new ideas and promote continued learning. Past webinars have covered subjects such as qualitative and quantitative analysis, neuromarketing, social media and much more.

If you haven’t been able to make a live webinar – or you are interested in additional topics - Quirk’s webinar bank is a valuable resource for those looking to expand their knowledge or dig deeper. Check out this selection of our webinar bank below! Just click the title to navigate to the webinar’s page or click here for the full list of Quirk’s on demand webinars.

Although market research has historically relied upon primary data to inform individual studies, the industry is discovering new opportunities in the exponentially increasing sources of secondary data. Jeffrey Hunter, retired senior director at General Mills and member of the board of MRII, offers insights into leveraging secondary sources of information and navigating the challenges they pose. 

These new data sources and types, when utilized in the context of traditional market research approaches, require new tactics in order to maintain awareness and familiarity – fitting different pieces together to better generate insight and inform decisions. The webinar explores sources of secondary data beyond syndicated sales data and publicly available information to discuss valuable secondary sources, information trends and mini case studies that bring to life the ways in which different data sources can come together to improve information outcomes.

Understanding and responding to the changing needs of consumers has always been at the core of the CPG industry. But today’s fast-paced, socially conscious world has created a new dynamic in consumer desire. Consumers expect more out of the CPG brands they choose – tangible benefits, pe...