Evolving Your Research for Post-Pandemic Consumers

Editor's note: Digsite's webinar on June 23, 2021, focused on the impacts COVID-19 had on consumers. Duration: 40:26.

COVID-19 changed industry priorities, consumer behaviors and our research practices. The crisis shined a spotlight on online qualitative market research methods, which proved instrumental in helping explore changing values and consumer experiences. 

With “normalcy” making its return, what comes next for both consumers and the way we research them? 

Join Digsite CEO Monika Rogers as she shares results from a new research study conducted among vaccinated consumers. The study investigates rapidly changing consumer attitudes, planned purchasing behaviors and research expectations. Plus, get a behind-the-scenes look at how this multi-modal research was conducted, drilling deep into consumer’s lives while also scaling up to more accurately reflect the range of consumer beliefs and behaviors.


  • How consumer shopping and purchasing behavior is changing as we shift to our new normal.
  • Best practices for online qualitative research, including how to maximize video technology and mixed qual/quant methods.
  • How to trade off online vs. in-person research in a post-pandemic world.


Monika Rogers, CEO and Co-Founder, Digsite

Amy Elkes, VP, Research and Consulting, Digsite