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Consumer insights platform

DISQO’s platform empowers researchers and decision-makers to question, test and measure customer experiences with products, advertising and brands at remarkable speed. Brands, agencies and media companies can drive more value from first-party data investments by connecting with DISQO’s zero-party consumer data, including rich demographic and interest profiles – and cross-platform digital behaviors. 

An expanding portfolio of market research and advertising measurement applications is built on a fully consented consumer data platform accessible via API integrations, proprietary dashboards and a world-class, highly experienced client success team. With an API integration into DISQO’s 100% proprietary audience, research clients reduce manual processes, avoid audience supply-and-demand challenges, minimize research fraud and support timely, confident decision-making. 

Clients can also deepen insights by targeting research questions to desired audiences based on demonstrated behaviors – instead of relying solely on self-reported interests. Consider the power of being able to target questions to consumers who recently visited financial domains, watched streaming content, bought groceries with e-commerce retailers or spent ample time consuming video on Twitch.

Customer segmentation schemes can be augmented and validated for more effective activation across the enterprise, from product innovation to brand tracking. By incorporating behavioral data into studies, clients close the say-do gap and get ahead of their competition with more predictive insights.

Researchers need to trust their data sources to make the right decisions or the business strategies they support will fail to deliver against objectives. When data is contaminated by the actions of bots or other fraud, accuracy falters and decision-making is impaired. Misleading insights can cost companies millions in lost opportunities and wasted investments. 

DISQO's robust anti-fraud list including data verification, physical location verification, human verification, device verification and more.

DISQO is a go-to source for market research firms and top sample providers needing access to valid audiences and high-fidelity data. DISQO’s industry-leading anti-fraud measures include multiple defense layers made possible by 100% proprietary and direct consumer relationships.  

“Researchers face supply shortages and quality challenges that are impacting the timeliness and validity of their studies. The timing couldn’t be worse given the radical digital transformation of consumer behaviors which is reshaping markets. We’re on a mission to empower clients with a platform that enables breakthrough insights they can trust to inform their critical decisions, so their businesses achieve growth and success.” 

– Ted Bouzakis, executive vice president of sales, research and insights