Editor’s note: This article is an automated speech-to-text transcription, edited lightly for clarity.  

IResTech’s VP of Product, Roddy Knowles, gave a presentation on the issue of survey fraud within the industry on February 1, 2024, during the Quirk’s Virtual – Innovation event.

Knowles touched on the importance of fighting fraud and emphasized that this is a problem that the entire industry needs to come together to solve. He gave some tips on how to catch survey fraud before it happens and other ways to combat this issue.  

Watch the full recording or read the transcript to get all the insights Knowles offered.  

Hi everybody and welcome to our session “Elevating Data Quality Catching Survey Fraud Before It Starts.” 

I'm Quirk’s Editor, Joe Rydholm. Before we get started, let's quickly go over the ways you can participate in today's discussion. You can use the Chat Tab to interact with other attendees during the session. And you can use the Q&A tab to submit questions to the presenters during the session and we'll answer as many as we have time for during the Q&A portion.  

Our session today is presented by dtect. We hope you enjoy it.  

I appreciate everyone joining today. I'm excited to be chatting with y'all about a few things related to data quality and survey fraud.  

Before we get into it, a little bit about me. I'm Ruddy Knowles. I'm VP of product at IResTech where I focus on building the dtect platform. We think a lot all day and every day about survey security and a lot of different types of fraud. So, I'm really, really excited to be talking with you all about this today.  

Let's jump right in and sort of set the stage. There are three things I'm going to do in our time together. I'm going to start by taking a look at the landscape of fraud, really just to set the stage because we talk about fraud a lot, but what do we actually mean when we're...