New Lives in a New World: Consumer Report

Editor's note: Dynata's webinar on June 23, 2021, focused on the Global Consumer Trends Report and questioned a variety of aspects within post-pandemic life.

It’s obvious that the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the ways we live, work and spend. What’s less clear, however, is which of these are temporary responses and which are permanent parts of our lives. Dynata’s “Global Consumer Trends: New Lives in a New World” report explores those changes, seeking to understand our new life- and work-styles in the post-vaccine world.

During the webinar we will explore the following:

  • Which aspects of our working lives – remote work, virtual meetings, etc. – do we want to continue?
  • What might we do and where might we go when we feel safe enough to resume our “normal” lives?
  • Have our personal and professional priorities changed and are those changes for good?


Pete Cape, Director, Global Knowledge, Dynata

Tom Johnson, EVP, Sales and Customer Experience, Americas, Dynata