Report Automation Platform 

Let’s go on the assumption that the answer to that question is a resounding NO! Automated charting and reporting have come a long way and it’s now possible to fully automate both PowerPoint and Google Slides. E-Tabs is a data visualization and reporting software company with award-winning solutions that have been revolutionizing the way insights professionals deliver their reporting for over two decades. 

E-Tabs’ solutions provide an easy and efficient way to pull data from multiple data sources directly into even the most customized and complex templates – quite literally using any PowerPoint or Google chart you may already have in your templates. It’s now even possible to pull data from your choice of customized data visualizations and infographics – all this in a fraction of the time it would have taken to do manually and with the added assurance of accuracy with the data coming directly from your source files.  

Kantar senior research executive quote: One of the key advantages of this approach is flexibility – any template, any mixture of charts, graphs and tables. Automate statistical significance indicators, brand logos and flags with conditional formatting and the ability to include calculations to compare waves or results against benchmark values. With an open API, the new cloud-based platform can pull data from dashboard solutions such as PowerBI and Tableau and pull data into fully editable, native PowerPoint/Excel and Google Slides/Sheets exports. 

Take advantage of the automated alternative to hand-posting and create more time to spend on growing client relationships and doing further analysis while the automation does the charting!

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