Redefining Research Partnerships: Opportunities and Challenges for Insights in 2021

Editor's note: Eyesee's webinar on June 23, 2021, focused on creating research partnerships. Duration: 29:47.

Join in the conversation with EyeSee and Jason Chebib, head of strategy at 180NY and former VP at Diageo, to learn what a research supplier/client relationship might look like in 2021 – and how to create a winning partnership. What do clients look for in a vendor or consultant and how can we surpass those standards? 

With so many technologies, buzzwords and shiny new promises about what research can do, both big and small players compete for a chance to deliver the best insights to drive business decision-making and strategy. But stripping away the flashy exterior, what should a 2.0 Research Agency actually look like in 2021? What goals should we set for ourselves and how do we miss the mark? What kind of thinking, mind-set and approach delivers results, regardless of the technology available?

Key takeaways:

  • What makes the difference between suppliers – is it speed, quality, flexibility or something else?
  • In which direction will the insights industry potentially evolve?
  • What is the role insights should play in shaping the strategy of a brand in a changed brand landscape post-COVID-19?


Jason Chebib, Head of Strategy, 180NY

Morana Kristek, Digital Insights Director, Eyesee

Alexandre de Jubécourt, Business Development Director EU, Eyesee