Editor’s note: Frédéric-Charles Petit is the founder and CEO of Toluna.

2022 was another turbulent year for businesses around the world. Despite having emotionally moved on from COVID-19, the ripple effects of the pandemic continue to severely impact businesses. Between supply chain disruptions, skyrocketing inflation, political instability and the war in Europe, it really is a time like no other in our recent history. 

Confronted with major disruption after major disruption, brands have been forced to adapt to their ever-changing circumstances – continually adjusting their offerings to align with what consumers want and when they want it. It is only by understanding evolving consumer sentiment and market understanding through research – tech-driven, agile, scalable research – that businesses can truly keep their finger on the pulse. As we look ahead, Toluna’s Frédéric-Charles Petit shares his thoughts on what we can expect from market research this year.

In 2023, we will see research become fully immersed within business processes allowing marketers and researchers to easily and rapidly generate real-time, accurate insights. To enable this, the key objective will be to create a platform specifically curated for research. To create this next wave of transformation in the marketing research sector, it will require the strategic combination of technology, audience segmentation, the proper use of data and the intelligence of research experts. Only then can we properly embed research into businesses to generate agile, relevant insights at scale.

Some have suggested that the age of the survey data is over. Well, not quite yet. Opinion has never been more important than it is now, especially at a time when the amount of data revealing attitudes is higher than ever. But understanding ‘why’ is key and asking is the only way to know. Brands will increasingly rely on research to inform their decisions o...