How do consumers feel about AI-generated content?

Getty Images, the provider of visual media and stock images, released a report compiling data from four studies spanning from July 2022 to September 2023 to determine how consumers feel about AI-generated content. Unsurprisingly, most consumers globally want brands to be authentic and honest about their use of AI-generated imagery, with 98% saying authentic images and videos are pivotal in establishing trust.

Consumer trust in tech

In 2023, 47% of consumers felt overwhelmed by the amount of technology available to them, compared to 41% in 2022. Forty percent were nervous about how heavily the world would rely on technology in the future in 2023, compared to 36% in 2022. While many are nervous about AI, 42% of respondents in the U.K., 47% of French respondents and 53% of German respondents indicated that they were excited about AI technology. “Younger people, especially younger males, are more open to the idea of AI-generated images being incorporated into brand communications, likely because they are also more familiar with and interested in AI technology and its perceived benefits,” finds Getty Images. 

The effects of tech and social media on our personal lives

While the majority of Gen Z see social media platforms as a way to establish their personal brand, many agree that it has a large effect on mental health. Forty-one percent of those in the U.S. see more harm than good from social media platforms yet 40% have not changed their social media habits and behaviors with one in three reporting that they use it more than ever. 

Global perceptions and concerns

Tech and AI in Europe

Europeans are finding themselves in a “connection paradox.” Forty-six percent say technology increases the feelings of connection yet 50% say it increases feelings of loneliness and find their mental health deteriorated through social media. While 47% of those in the U.K., 53% of those in France and 47% of those in Germany say AI makes them nervous, Europeans say they find inspiration through technology. 

Tech and AI in Asia

While there are mixed feelings about AI in Asia Pacific, 74% of Southeast Asian markets see how AI could benefit their lives, higher than other global markets (57%). Eighty percent of the Asia Pacific region agree on how AI can enhance productivity. In some regions, including Japan, many worry about potential job displacement with the adoption of AI and the spread of misinformation. 

Tech and AI in Latin America

The majority of Latin Americans indicate feeling more connected through technology with three-in-four believing that social media platforms themselves don’t cause more harm than good. Instead, they say the individual user is the problem. 

Authenticity goes a long way

Eighty-seven percent of respondents say it is important for an image to be authentic. When defining authenticity, global consumers said it is:

  1. Something genuine, expressing one’s true thoughts, feelings and experiences.
  2. Something that is not fake or counterfeit.
  3. Something that is sincere and honest.

Transparency is key when using AI-generated imagery. Creating authentic content will ensure that brands maintain their credibility among consumers globally.