Glimpse is a next-generation research platform putting the power of AI to work

Glimpse AI chat with demographics example.

ASK any question. FIND any audience. ANALYZE any data source. Use AI to UNCOVER…behavior, emotions, awareness and more.

We’re the only platform that infuses the power of generative AI into every stage of the research, analysis, insights and content creation process. 

That’s why Adweek says Glimpse’s approach is “changing the business of marketing.”

Our advanced AI crafts content and decodes language, illuminating audiences. We offer representative data, intelligent guardrails and added context to supercharge insights – rapidly and safely. 

With Glimpse you can also extract value from any source of data, from surveys to NPS, social chatter to customer reviews. Here are just a few of our capabilities:

Chat with an AI customer – on-demand

Have conversations with AI versions of the individual customers that matter most to your organization – in their own language. Glimpse layers in the power of leading large language models, demographic and firmographic data points and unique, first-party data to custom generate the right conversation partner.

Chat with your audience segments

Now you can identify key differences within audiences and ask target segments questions in simple English. What are the most important trends, opportunities and challenges? No need for specialized analysis or complex stats. And Glimpse AI doesn’t hallucinate. 

Augment your data 

Use the power of gen AI to ask instant follow-up questions – at scale. Or add more depth to your existing data set.

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