Editor's note: Globalpark hosted a webinar on customer feedback communities on February 24, 2010. Duration 57:41.

In 2010, 60 percent of Fortune 1000 companies are expecting to have some form of online community for marketing use. What does this mean for you? A significant opportunity to get closer to your clients by helping them get closer to their customers!As a researcher, you are uniquely positioned to provide your clients instant, on-demand access to the customer, with the ability to monitor behavior and sentiment over time. We’ll teach you how to create a vibrant feedback community where customers can access information and offer opinions and how to tie it in with your client’s infrastructure for the biggest impact.Globalpark has the ideal platform, but we believe it takes a researcher to extract the insights that will drive product innovation, customer loyalty and marketing strategy. Powered by Globalpark, agencies can fill this market need and own the core customer feedback channel for international brands. Dan Coates, president of Globalpark Inc., will share with you our playbook from years of experience helping market researchers get closer to their customers in principle and practice and give you a to-do list of how to get started.

Key takeaways: 

This is a must-attend event for client-facing market research agencies as well as corporate market research departments with their own internal research partners. Don’t miss out!Presenter: