The Payoffs of Proprietary Panels - What You Need to Know

Editor's note: Globalpark held a webinar on proprietary panels on Sept. 16, 2009. Duration 57:34. 

The value of feedback throughout the customer and product lifecycle is undeniable: It ensures market-driven development and embraces the power shift to consumers.

If you’ve been approaching product testing or in-development feedback with an ad-hoc approach, you now have a better alternative: proprietary customer panels and communities. By empanelling a representative group of customers, you have an audience at-the-ready to share their experiences with and opinions about your product. Not only can you substantially lower your per-project-cost but the comparative turnaround time to putting results to action can be astounding.

What’s better is that panels and communities aren’t only for product development. Customer loyalty and measuring marketing effectiveness are both areas which can also benefit significantly when paired with the right panel strategy, tools and techniques.

Join Globalpark’s Dan Coates to find out how you can transform your research efforts to leverage the power of panels and communities. Among the things you’ll learn include:

  • The benefits of getting in on the advisory panel game.
  • Strategies for aligning infrastructure (technology and staff).
  • Best practices to follow, pitfalls to avoid based on real-world experience.

This is the first event in the Manage What Matters Webinar Series, presented by Globalpark, where you’ll learn the strategies and techniques required to build, manage and innovate using proprietary panels as a key component of your customer feedback programs.


  • Dan Coates, president, Globalpark.