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Qualitative platform

HARK Connect provides the most advanced Qual Tech platform for online and in-person focus groups and IDIs worldwide. We offer a wide range of cutting-edge features including a virtual and secure client backroom with private chatting, real-time transcription, closed captions, simultaneous AI translations into 70+ languages, live transcript tagging and fast clip extraction for video reels. 

Additional expert qual services include recruiting, incentive management, multi-language moderating and analysis. We also offer a robust, proprietary national panel of over 100,000 consumers and state-of-the-art facilities in Chicago, Austin and New York. 

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HARK Connect uses innovative AI to enhance qual researchers lives. We are the only service that offers automatic preselected tagging of key words and phrases, in addition to live-tagging if desired, to annotate your transcripts for easy searching of salient quotes and clips. We are also pioneering neuro-measurement applications for qual to be introduced Q2.


Every session comes with a dedicated human tech concierge who is there to assist the moderator and clients. The HARK concierge sets up the session with all custom requests, hosts respondents, conducts tech checks, assists the moderator, if desired, showing setting up stimuli, conducting polls and stays with the session to answer any questions and help in any way.

HARK Connect demo with six video screens next to a chat box.

Our philosophy

The HARK Connect philosophy is to leverage innovative technology and human support to make the qualitative research experience to be as easy, seamless and enjoyable as possible. We aim to make your experience efficient and stress-free. We also are committed to advancing qualitative research tools for deeper understanding and business shifting insights. 

Developed by scientists and moderators

HARK Connect is a division of MediaScience known to the research world as being the leader in emotional measurement used by most major broadcast, digital and social media platforms/content providers. Setting out to make a better experience for our clients, HARK Connect was created using in-house developers and guided by seasoned qual researchers.

For more information: info@harkconnect.com