Brad Dancer, senior vice president of insights and analytics, WWE, is hosting a session called, “Data and Creatives: Immovable Object vs. Unstoppable Force?” at the Quirk’s Event New York. He was kind enough to chat with us a bit more about the upcoming session.  

Dancer’s favorite stories are the ones in which a creative becomes a data advocate. He likes to show that data does not ruin the art but makes it that much better.  

“I love showing any and all the power of understanding your consumer, but not letting the data dictate what you do, but help lead what you do,” Dancer told us.  

Continue reading to hear more about Dancer’s session and his process before speaking.  

It varies by context, but for an event like this, really not that much. I love to talk and can get on tangents, so I try to remind myself of what I would want to hear from the audience, go through the deck a few times, thinking of the points I want to make. Then I try to take my mind off of things, listen to music, read something not work related, go through personal e-mail – something to just let my mind go before getting up to speak. 

I want them to take away real-world examples and an understanding of how other people deal with similar situations. I have always gravitated to presentations, lectures, panels, etc., that had more of a pragmatic, operating lens. Even if the business was completely different than mine, we all deal with similar issues.  Many of us have known co-workers or partners that were not data-friendly or suspect of being told what consumers think. So, if attendees walk away with some examples of how it worked in another world that they can apply to their own, that’s a huge win. That, and I always want attendees to laugh and have a good time. 

You have to be empathetic. In order to get creatives to want to understand your material, you need to be in their shoes. As best as possible, knowing wha...