Methodologies, techniques and technology are rapidly changing in the marketing research and insights industry. New products and services are being released at an ever-faster pace. How can you keep up on what is new? Quirk’s has you covered. In this section, you will find some of the newest and most innovative tools and services to keep your research up to speed. From the latest in software, technology, methodology and services, these are the products and service you will want to know about.

Breefly® offers a simpler, easier way to deliver insights reporting

Sharing actionable insights in a data-overloaded world has never been more critical – or challenging. That was until now, thanks to Breefly®, the insights reporting platform designed to help market researchers create, share and collaborate on insights in minutes.

Leave the e-mails, presentations and spreadsheets behind

Breefly® provides an easy, affordable DIY reporting solution that delivers your research findings as bite-sized insights briefs to clients and teams. The platform saves you time by allowing you to: 

Easily curate and create insights briefs

  • Combine your stories (text), media (audio, video) and data (charts) together to create engaging, bite-sized insights briefs as if you were writing a blog.

Share and collaborate instantly

  • Share, comment and collaborate with clients and teams instantly and securely.

Control user access to briefs

  • Control access across multiple levels, easily managing all your reporting in a single platform solution.

 Measure engagement in real time

  • Know who is engaging with your briefs and which insights are being put to use through user analytics.

Contact us to learn how Breefly® can accelerate your insights reporting.


Toluna Start: The perfect insights solution

In the beginning, full-service consumer insight products were the only game in town for corporate research teams. But that meant significant expenditures – in both money and time. It often took weeks to get answers to questions at the heart of important research studies, delaying teams’ progress and allowing competitors to sail past them in the marketplace.

DIY and full service – the far ends of the spectrum

Enter DIY, the time- and cost-effective alternative. Self-serve consumer insights platforms meant that research teams could get answers to their burning questions in days – and sometimes hours – rather than weeks, and for a price that didn’t strain their budget. It was a welcome alternative to full-service engagements that could sometimes stretch on for weeks.

But here’s the catch: with a strictly DIY approach, researchers are alone in the wilderness, with nowhere to turn when problems arise. (And, of course, problems always arise.) That’s especially problematic for today’s smaller teams trying to respond to a constantly increasing number of requests from across the organization. Researchers simply don’t have the time for the learning curve built into even the best DIY programs. DIY forces researchers to tackle projects on their own, with a multi-stepped process often leading to significant bottlenecks. Think about it: you’re on your own from survey creation to analysis.

On the other hand, while full-service research was once the Holy Grail, it is often difficult to justify both the expense and the time it requires. And its processes can prove limiting, leaving researchers with a lack of control and no opportunity for input.

Your new solution

The answer is a hybrid solution that brings the best of full-service and DIY together in one package – creating a unique, new solution. At Toluna we’ve baked our methodological expertise into the Toluna Start platform, helping researchers remain agile in a fast-moving marketplace. And the DIY aspect of the solution allows teams to stay deeply immersed in their research and constantly involved with colleagues across their corporate landscape, in effect solidifying their entire organization into one unified team. At the same time, however, researchers have real-time access to experts who can guide them over bumps in the terrain. That expert support means they have ultimate confidence in survey results – a quality sometimes missing in strictly DIY programs.

The Toluna Start platform creates a seamless and collaborative environment that provides access to reliable results across an organization and in real-time, further solidifying an organization. That means teams across the company can confidently move forward with product development and marketing campaigns, staying abreast of the competition in the constantly shifting sands of the global marketplace. Toluna Start is an island of certainty in a world that seems to grow more uncertain with every passing day. It’s a solution that had to come.


Conduct in-person research safely with CCam focus

As we emerge from the global lockdown, there is hope on the horizon for live, in-person market research in focus group facilities, or a hybrid approach (combination of in-person and online), using CCam focus, powered by Civicom Marketing Research Services.

CCam’s omnidirectional camera and crystal clear audio make it possible to bring people together in a way that meets the requirements of social distancing while engaged in live groups and in-person interviews, even when people are wearing masks or are seated behind plexiglass. As speakers talk, CCam automatically stitches together the live view of each speaker as the conversation flows, making it appear as if people are actually seated next to one another, even when seated six feet apart.

CCam includes video curation tools for organizing and analyzing deliverables. Collaborate, summarize insights into transcription and video clips and create storyboards. CCam is portable and weighs less than 5 pounds – perfect for conducting research in hotels, conference rooms and homes. Throughout every CCam session, your project is always in good hands with Civicom’s excellent tech support team. CCam focus is available in more than 200 facilities globally with a presence in all major U.S. cities. Additional locations can be fully equipped in 24-48 hours. “There’s another way of seeing things” with CCam focus! Schedule a demo with CCam today.

Fast-track innovation with Innovation Sprint

Customer attitudes and behaviors are changing rapidly. Developing innovative and relevant offerings during this time can be challenging. Innovation Sprint fast-tracks your innovation timeline through a combination of cutting-edge virtual tools and our experts in innovation, customer insights and data science.

Why is Innovation Sprint unique? Traditional innovation insights approaches are modular and can take several months, while super-short solutions don’t dig deep enough into customer needs. Innovation Sprint uses behavioral approaches and data science to provide rapid fresh learning, concept development, iteration and validation.

How does it work? Five seamless stages help your team move fluidly from creating and optimizing through assessing and creating an action plan. An Innovation Playbook captures team decisions, customer insights and the final activation guide to keep your team aligned and on track.

The impact? This tech-forward, collaborative approach delivers insights in an accelerated timeline, giving your brand team the ability to stay ahead of customer trends and ensure brand growth.

Looking to fast-track your innovation development? Drop us a line to learn more or schedule a call at: info@radius-global.com.

Innovation Sprint. 
Smart. Fast. Virtual. 

Radius | Illumination

Extract more insight in less time with S+R AQuA

S+R AQuA is our proprietary web-based application that reads and analyzes natural language data via transcripts. Alone or with Luminoso, a technology licensed from MIT, we generate a full picture of overt and latent connections between concepts with more depth and in less time than humans could alone, filling a big hole in analytics technology.

Qualitative research via interviews, focus groups and ethnographies is a cornerstone of human-to-human understanding. In a world awash in transactional and behavioral data, the insights from human communications are most often the ones on which key decisions pivot. The strategic insights industry is adept at running interviews and focus groups but is poorly equipped to deeply analyze them. There is also an emerging need to search historical transcripts to deliver insights on a more agile basis, saving time and expense of commissioning new research. It’s common in “big data,” with many advances in machine learning, algorithm application and statistical modeling. However, qualitative is by comparison an almost “old school” endeavor, one based on being a good listener, a better than average note taker and an experienced hand who can connect dots in real time. But we all know our brains aren’t always the greatest at keeping things sorted, so we are likely leaving insights on the table.

Built from scratch

S+R AQuA was built in-house from scratch. It sits atop a series of web APIs that efficiently move transcript data and provide analytics. It’s unique in how it blends concepts of keyword search, supervised machine learning and human markup. We can line up themes and concepts to easily see where patterns emerge or diverge, look at how common ideas are framed to determine their true meaning rather than simply doing a word count, and put video next to themes to account for non-verbal sentiment and cues (e.g., body language, facial expression, etc.). Plus, we’ve advanced the ball in terms of faster raw data uploads with our latest innovation, the S+R Conversation Conversion Engine (CCE), a blend of AWS programs and our own scripts that load and translate data ready to analyze in less time.

S+R AQuA is a complete solution that gives us more complete, nuanced and insightful answers to important business questions. We are happy to arrange a demo so give us a call anytime.


SampleNinja – The only fit-for-purpose panel management platform

Built from the ground up: Using the latest technologies in the cloud, SampleNinja offers a comprehensive set of features which manages all aspects of your panel efficiently. It boasts a high level of automation and numerous cutting-edge features which equate to instant savings for any market research panel small or large.

Quality – The SampleNinja platform is designed, at its core, to bring quality to panel management, whether it is in recruiting, profiling, sampling, rewarding or managing your valuable panel assets. It aims to deliver the best.

Security – End-to-end security underpins the quality of your panel assets. With SampleNinja, security comes standard, ensuring high integrity to the data you collect. Built-in digital fingerprinting, geolocation capture and panelist validation techniques eliminate fraudulent panelists.

Scale – Manage multiple panels, with any number of sub-panels at any scale. Control branding for each sub-panel with easy-to-use visual editors. No web designers are needed.

Speed – Built on top of cutting-edge cloud technologies enabling you to query millions of panelists in milliseconds and run feasibility checks like a pro. The next-generation user interface feels like using a desktop app.

If you would like to find out more about the next generation of panel management, please contact sales@sampleninja.io or call 512 879 9989 or visit www.sampleninja.io.

The IIC Diversity Sense-Check Tool 

Today’s current cultural moment has ignited a new era of diversity, equity and inclusivity in the research and insights community. Not only are insights professionals reexamining their research practices, but many are attempting to correct missteps of the past by making sure that their research teams are as diverse and as representative as possible.

However, the insights industry has a problem: there are currently not enough BIPOC research and insights professionals available to fill all of the seats that require their talent. Insights in Color, a diversity initiative for multicultural professionals, is hoping to change this but building that pipeline will take some time. 

Until that pipeline is fully developed, Insights in Color has created a new short-term tool for research professionals seeking more immediate diversity and inclusion solutions for their research projects. 

The Diversity Sense-Check Tool was created to as a first step initiative for insights departments lacking diversity that may not be fully aware of the key questions, methods and probes needed to ensure truly representative results. The assessment covers five key research areas: the research topic and category; the sample/panel/recruitment plan; the methodology and approach; the diversity of the research team; and the diversity of the client team.

The Diversity Sense-Check Tool is not meant to replace the very necessary roles of BIPOC researchers and experts. Instead, it is meant to help insights professionals correct their potentially biased research processes and frameworks in the interim.

Check your research habits and potential biases at www.insightsincolor.com.

If you recruit, we can improve your profits 

The OpinionWizard Recruiting System automates all aspects of the respondent journey from enrollment to screening, scheduling, confirming and reporting all the way through to electronic participant payment. Clients typically save 15-20% on recruiting labor alone, while improving recruitment integrity and database growth.

Automation – OpinionWizard takes the work out of project management. It systematically resends survey invitations to nonresponders thereby increasing response rates and sends reminder messages to those who pre-qualify to call in rather than recruiters calling out. It also automatically sends confirmation letters, complete with any number of attachments and reminders. 

Integrated Survey System – The intuitive web screening platform informs respondents when they terminate or pre-qualify. Pre-qualified respondents are directed to call in (self-scheduling optional) and recruiters simply open the respondent record to complete screening and schedule. If the call center is closed, respondents can set an appointment. No need to evaluate survey results and call respondents, they call you! All that is left to do is to send targeted sample. 

Reporting – A multitude of reports are just a click away. Among the most used are the profile report (automatically created during survey construction), a disposition report (useful in managing budgets, debugging difficult recruits and evaluating recruiter performance), the quota report and a confirmation tracking report. There is also a time-tracking system, which can report employee time by day and by job.

Integrated e-Pay – After the project is over, with the click of a button, payments are sent (your choice: Visa/Amazon/etc.) to compensate respondents. No more cash or checks, export and upload lists or swiping cards.


Improves Profits. Safeguards Integrity.

How innovation in wearable eye-tracking boosts external validity

Marketing and UX researchers are no strangers to questions of external validity. Is my focus group providing true-to-life answers? Will thinking aloud while shopping impact which products end up in the cart? Striking the balance between validity and feasibility has been a constant struggle in studies. Fortunately, technology innovations provide solutions.

The next generation of wearable eye-tracker: Tobii Pro Glasses 3

Designed for the real world, Tobii Pro’s third generation of wearable eye-trackers enables marketing and UX research under the most natural conditions, helping businesses find externally valid insights. These are some of the advancements that will give researchers the confidence and freedom to take research where they want it to go:

  • The discreet and lightweight design of Pro Glasses 3 is similar to regular eyewear. Thanks to the eye-tracking technology integrated into the lenses, the wearer’s view is unobstructed.
  • Data is delivered from a larger field of view and provides accurate eye-tracking of wider gaze angles, thus capturing more comprehensive data on the customer experience.
  • Via the easy-to-use app for mobile phones, wearers can calibrate quickly and control their own recordings, making moderators superfluous.

Check out more advancements that make real-world research better than ever on tobiipro.com/glasses3.

The future of work for research teams 

SightX is an automated consumer insights platform that is transforming the way insights professionals conduct research and is increasing the impact they are having on their businesses.

The SightX platform was built for researchers and insights leaders who are interested in spending their time exploring the meaning of the research results in order to tell impactful stories, rather than doing manual and repetitive tasks.

There are several flexible and customizable products and solutions that put the ultimate control in the hands of its users. The capabilities range from building a simple or complex survey to conducting concept or message tests, all the way to automated balanced design experiments such as max-diff and conjoint. All analysis is not only real-time, but automated. It is flexible and powerful enough to handle everything from quick and agile studies all the way through robust and complex experiments.

Have you ever wished you had more time in the day? Have you encountered being up against a deadline to get a report or presentation out the door or wanted more time to spend on strategic thinking that drives business growth? If yes, then SightX provides a comprehensive solution that solves for these challenges and more. Adapt and scale at the speed of your consumers with the SightX next-generation consumer insights platform.