Like many other industries, the insights industry is in a time of disruption. Business around the world has moved remote – and in all likelihood will stay that way for the foreseeable future – leaving researchers in a tough spot. Insights professionals have had to adapt to new, virtual workflows, often with smaller budgets but the same expected results. Researchers are conducting more in-depth, qualitative interviews, since remote focus groups pose a number of challenges. They need to collect more data faster, and they need to produce high-quality insights – all with fewer resources. And if you’re an insights professional, you know that you can’t do it all on your own. You need some tools to help make the shift.

That’s why it’s time to reevaluate your transcription process. Transcribing your qualitative data is a key function of any insights team, but too often it can be a hindrance. At a time when the insights industry is adapting to new workflows, you need a transcription service that is equally adaptable – one with fast turnaround times and accurate, editable transcripts. With a transcript provider like Rev, you get those benefits and much, much more.

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A source of certainty in an uncertain time

Transcript accuracy is paramount in the insights industry. Huge business decisions hinge on this research, and inaccuracies in the final reports can lead to embarrassing conversations with clients and stakeholders, and even production delays.

That’s why Rev guarantees 99% accurate transcripts of your interviews, from the nuances of speech to a hushed aside. You’ll be able to focus on your interview process – listen intently, ask the right follow-up questions, and get those key quotes – without racing to take notes or asking your interview subject to repeat themselves. If you’ve ever had to repeat yourself, then you know your phrasing changes the second or third time. As a researcher, you want to capture every detail to make sure nothing’s lost. And if your client expects full transcripts as part of the final package, you need to ensure you’re capturing your interviews as accurately as possible.

A virtual interview is an inherently different experience for both researcher and interviewee. It’s a process with many variables – internet connections can be spotty, body language is (much) harder to read, there’s more opportunity for distraction. That’s why researchers need a verbatim transcript they can count on – one that captures every single word, pause, false start, and verbal tic in the conversation. 

Rev can also help simplify your workflow from the very first step – recording your interview. With the free Rev Call Recorder or the Rev Voice Recorder apps, you can record outgoing or incoming calls and order Rev transcripts right in the app. The app also allows you to easily share recordings and transcripts with your whole team via email or Dropbox. Finally, if you’re recording your interviews via Zoom (as so many researchers are), you simply upload your Zoom recording file directly to Rev.com when placing your order. No matter the record, Rev makes it easy to convert your audio or video to accurate transcripts.

Faster transcription means faster insights

All the accuracy in the world won’t matter if you’re getting your transcripts back too late. Clients and stakeholders have hard deadlines, and research teams or firms need to meet those deadlines, no matter the disruptions they’re facing. Speed is of particular importance for internal research teams as well – you need transcripts to start analyzing right away. Getting transcripts back faster can help improve the quality of your analysis – you can take your time with the conversation. Make notes. Highlight. Find the roots of the feedback.

Some transcription services promise turnaround times days after you submit your audio or video files (and many of those services are often dodgy when it comes to accuracy). But with Rev, you can get an accurate transcription of a 60-minute in-depth interview in a matter of hours. And with a team of more than 50,000 transcription professionals, Rev is a scalable solution for all of your transcription needs, no matter how many IDIs or focus group recordings you need converted to text. Do you have a huge volume of files you need submitted at one time? Or on a regular basis? Rev’s integrations with Google and Dropbox streamline the ordering process, simplifying one more step in your workflow.

A searchable, editable solution

With multiple analysts or researchers working on any given project, transcripts need to be shareable to give everyone on the team insight into interview responses. Rev’s Transcript Editor interface gives you the ability to share the transcript with anybody on your team, allowing them to search for particular words or make any necessary changes. That way, multiple people can analyze the same interview, highlight key insights, and speed up the production of the final reports. Plus, you can export those highlighted pieces to use when putting together your final analysis.

It’s a tumultuous time for the research industry, but regardless of the shifting landscape, clients and company leadership still expect the same quality analysis and insight. There simply isn’t room for inefficiencies in your workflow. But with Rev’s industry-leading accuracy and affordability, you can minimize the disruption to your processes and help deliver the game-changing insights.

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