The Insights Association serves to protect the insights and analytics industry from legislative, judicial and regulatory bodies. It works with national and international associations to improve the quality of market research and data analytics and advocates for the ability to analyze, collect and share data for data analysis and marketing research purposes.

2023 has already seen the introduction of legal changes and new proposals with the potential to impact the marketing research and insights industry. In January, new consumer data privacy laws went into effect in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah and Virginia. The Insights Association is open to member feedback to determine how the industry can self-regulate the collection, maintenance and sharing of needed location data as more proposals continue to affect the industry.

Many state privacy bills being introduced have the potential to affect the industry. The December Fighting for You column covers bills including the Pennsylvania H.B. 2903 which would create “a registry of businesses operating artificial systems” in Pennsylvania; the New York Child Data Privacy and Protection Act, which is an expansion of a recent California law; and the Michigan Consumer Privacy Act, which according to Howard Fienberg, the Insights Associations’ vice president of advocacy, is a “comprehensive state data privacy legislation mostly modeled on Virginia’s law.” Fienberg also mentions the New Jersey Disclosure and Accountability Transparency Act which is a more restrictive comprehensive consumer data privacy and security bill and the Michigan Personal Data Privacy Act, a “comprehensive privacy legislation with similarities to other recent laws, but enforced by private lawsuits as well as the state attorney general.”

In the January Fighting for You column, Fienberg mentions the Insights Association’s debates with various state privacy legislations including the K...