Meet Glimpse: A global, generative AI-powered, self-service research platform

Ask any question. Find any audience. Use AI to uncover purchasing decisions, behavior, emotions, awareness and more. 

How clients are using our platform

AI topics instantly codes open-ended responses as a human researcher might. 

Client example: Wells Fargo and NFCC dove deeply into renters’ experiences of housing insecurity to shape outreach.  

Gen AI outputs like “key messaging?” or “newsworthy topics” (and many more!) accelerate the path to insights.

Client example: Hubspot teams used Glimpse to get closer to marketers and then to shape strategy and B2B thought-leadership content.

Glimpse offers representative data, intelligent guardrails, fine-tuning and added context to enable clients to craft insights, tailor messaging and create nuanced personas with AI.

Negotiate AI innovation challenges

These adoption challenges are based on gen AI outputs, from respondent data!

1. “Garbage in, garbage out” 
How can we generate high-quality data and then focus the application of generative AI on the business outcomes that matter most?

2. Accelerating adoption
How can we adopt gen AI more widely, based on strategic planning and focused on value creation and customer understanding? 

Innovation is about more than discovering the coolest technology; it’s also about the difficult work of experimentation, adoption and risk-avoidance. 

Reach out to Glimpse to take advantage of our hard-won expertise when it comes to applying generative AI to some of the world’s toughest business challenges.