We are nearing the end of another great year for the marketing research industry! Are you interested in reading a few of Quirk's most popular articles from 2017? We went back to our archive and compiled a few of the most-viewed e-newsletter and magazine articles of 2017.

(listed in no particular order)

Survey fatigue? A checklist for improving response rates

The ability to gather and act on feedback has become a common necessity for most organizations. Across all industries there is tremendous pressure to listen, engage and cater to the audience – and ensure the consumer experience is a positive one. Conducting surveys is one medium that can help organizations accomplish this while also gaining a deeper understanding of how their audiences feels, acts and what they expect. With this data, companies can analyze and improve internal and external procedures. Read more.

Exploring Millennials’ social media use

Social media has transformed the way companies communicate with their consumers and has given consumers unique ways of communicating with/about companies, sharing their consumer experiences, good and bad, with their friends/followers. As a result, brands have less control over their image and messaging than ever before.

This article introduces a research methodology for measuring the extent to which consumers communicate about brands and consumption experiences on social media. Read more.

Are you limiting the value of quantitative research?

Kevin and Koen may buy the same brand for the same reasons. On the other hand, they may buy the same brand for different reasons, buy different brands for the same reasons or even buy different brands for different reasons. The brands they purchase and the reasons why may vary by occasion.

What is quantitative research?

Quantitative research has been defined in various ways. Here is one definition from the University of ...