Editor’s note: This article is an automated speech-to-text transcription, edited lightly for clarity.  

Thursday, February 1, quantilope presented during Quirk’s Virtual: Innovation series. They discussed AI and its role in the research industry and introduced the audience to Quinn, quantilope’s AI co-pilot. 

Quantilope's Jannik Meyners, director of data science and Katelyn Ferrara, senior director of global clients, were joined by Sara Martens, brand insights manager for Mutual of Omaha for a discussion on the uses, hesitations, benefits and future of AI in the industry.  

Read the transcript below or watch the recording to hear all these three researchers had to say about AI. 

Hi everybody and welcome to our session “Solving the Research Dilemma with AI and Advanced Methods” I'm Quirk’s Editor, Joe Rydholm. 

And before we get started, let's quickly go over the ways you can participate in today's discussion. You can use the chat tab if you'd like to interact with other attendees, and you can use the Q&A tab to submit questions to our presenters and we will address them during the Q&A portion after the presentation.  

Our session is presented by quantilope, Katelyn, take it away. 

Awesome. Thanks so much, Joe. Hello everyone. Welcome. This is Katelyn Ferrara, and today I am excited to share with you all how you'll be able to significantly increase or double your productivity with AI. We are thrilled to talk about some of the new developments here at quantilope that will increase your research productivity. And then following that discussion, we'll have a fireside chat with Mutual of Omaha on how they perceive AI in relation to consumer research.  

But first, as I said, my name is Katelyn Ferrara. I'm the VP of Client Development here at quantilope and I'm joined today by Jannik Meyners, quantilope’s director of data science, who now leads the automation of advanc...