Q&A with Daniel Taylor, Comcast

Editor's note: Daniel Taylor, manager of growth insights, Comcast, is one of two speakers of the session, “Understanding what customers do (and don’t) want from offer propositions.” He will be speaking at the 2023 Quirk’s Event - New York. 

Interested in getting a deep dive into offer propositions, their importance and how Comcast uses them? 

The session “Understanding what customers do (and don’t) want from offer propositions” is just one of many at the Quirk’s Event - New York, July 19-20, 2023. To give our readers a sneak peak into just what an offer proposition is and why they are important we spoke with Comcast’s Daniel Taylor. Find out more about his session and what to expect below! 

What is one thing you want the audience to take away from your session? 

The importance of having methodologically robust and benchmarkable research for consumers of products and services before you go into the market. Attendees should come out of the session knowing how important it is and how it delivers for the business.

Why would you say it's important?

I think it's always important to get a pulse on what consumers are thinking and anticipate how they're going to react to anything you want to put into the market. Also understanding their reactions to what your competitors are doing. It's just vital that you are listening to the voice of the consumer before you make any kind of crucial business decisions. Particularly when it comes to dealing with things that drive connections.

Briefly describe what you mean by an offer proposition in your session description. 

When we talk about offer proposition, it's generally referring to a package that is put in front of consumers that touches at least one of our business lines. Each of those comes with the different products and services that may be associated with it. Any perks or benefits as a result of signing up for that particular package for our current customers and prospective customers is an offer proposition. We want to see if it will peak their interest. Do they find it appealing? Will they go down the purchase funnel? 

What are some of the metrics to use during research to understand future purchase intent?

When it comes to an offer or package, you must have a high level of appeal. You have to peak consumers’ interests. It has to be something that grabs a consumer’s attention. When you can do that, consumers are more likely to continue through the purchase journey. If you don’t catch their attention early on in a competitive environment, it becomes a real challenge. The first step is crucial for converting a consumer into a customer.