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Market research platform

“We get you closer to your customers to spark opportunities” is our mantra…but what does this mean?

QuMind offers you a unique perspective for DIY market research – an agile, feature-rich proprietary platform with a complete range of quantitative and qualitative tools, engaging dashboards, global sample and community hosting, all supported by managed services for a helping hand when you need it. All of this gives you deep insight into the lives of your customers – it’s all there at your fingertips. And…it’s a true one-solution platform – you’ll never need any add-ons with unanticipated costs or experience the frustration of having to wait for external resources.  

Image of a computer screen showing the QuMind webpage. The text says

It means your team can be empowered to deliver the customer insight needed, when it’s needed, to those that can take action – they’ll be able to spark those conversations to develop a greater understanding into the lives of your customers. QuMind’s platform is mobile-first and “always on” with no limits to what your team can do.

FMCG, financial, retail, manufacturing, publishing and energy are just a few of the industries we support.  Reference our case studies at https://qumind.co.uk/case-studies/ to see how we’ve become part of a global market research phenomenon across a broad spectrum of business categories.  

You’ll save time, money, frustrations and you’ll increase conversations with your customers, building true customer closeness at scale. QuMind is the market research tool you always wanted – then you’ll see just what it means to get closer to your customers.