Brian Gee, Head of Strategy

Creating disruption in the market research field is no small feat, yet Brian Gee, head of strategy, is doing just that with the powerful insights unit of Chicago-based agency, Simon/Myers. He skillfully blends a wealth of multifaceted experiences to shape his agency’s unique, result-oriented approach for Fortune 1000 clientele.

Through nearly a decade of experience in product and brand management, Brian learned firsthand what marketers, product teams and C-suites needed from their research partners. He also experienced the challenges of corporate silos, lack of stakeholder buy-in and data paralysis. 

In 2017, Brian decided to reshape the narrative. Joining Simon/Myers, he spearheaded an innovative market research division with a focus on creating differentiation. The linchpins of his successful strategy were early-stage cross-departmental collaboration, multi-source independent verification and direct, compelling results.

As a leading LGBTQ+ researcher, active artist and board president for an arts nonprofit, Brian helps his team perform research through an intersectional and empathetic lens, linking disparate points in unexpected, vibrant ways. This unique approach aids in delivering actionable, client-aligned findings and ultimately telling stories that drive impactful decisions.