Editor's note: SMG hosted a Webinar on October 19, 2011 on the topic of using surveys to connect with customers. Duration 53:11.

If your company is fighting to engender loyalty in a hyper-competitive category, it’s crucial that you learn how to engage customers beyond the survey. This Webinar will be instructive to marketing and research managers tasked with using social and CRM technologies to find and create brand advocates.The primary purpose of customer experience surveys is to identify areas where operational or product improvements are needed to deliver a differentiated customer experience. However, these surveys are also an opportunity to engage customers with the brand through social technologies. The best brands often have a group of highly engaged and loyal customers - customers who are happy to share their passion for the brand and their feedback and ideas on how to improve the brand’s products and services. Too often, companies don’t capitalize on this opportunity to engage customers beyond the survey and amplify their experience.

Key takeaways: